Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD)


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The Sims 4 MOD: Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD)

Real Life Trees (no fade/LOD) – by Nothead

All “no tree fade” mods are obsolete, so I did this one. Enjoy

All big trees,some bushes and big debug objects will not fade anymore.
Also stops “Paper trees” LOD . (optional,but “no LOD” version also have “no more fade”)

Remember: “Maxis does not pre-screen or support Mods”,so I will not make to latest relase.use the 1.31 version,must work.



(x = 1 or 2 ,tested on win7 and mac)

Resources override

The following features have been replaced, and will conflict with any mod that replaces them.
(only model files.will not conflict with recolors.)

– 158 item models on spoiler –

Additional Credits:
Thank you
Sims 4 studio (for this amazing tool)
FakeHouses & RealAwesome ,by the old mod that can be found here, and was the basis for mine
(Obs: this is not an update/re-make of “FHRA – no fade”,but a new mod with some new features and versions that took 22 hours or more to be made)


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