S-Club WMLL ts4 BJD2.0 skin ALL AGE


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S-Club WMLL ts4 BJD2.0 skin ALL AGE for The Sims 4

by S-Club

New BJD skintones version 2.0 is coming.
This new version,we had edited the colors of skin to make this version has more
colors than the last one.
The colors include pale white, pearl pink, tan, light bronze colors.
The face part has been modiferd too, for getting a soft and naturel look.
We add the light colors on clavicle and knees to give the body more volume
and glossy feeling.

Hope you like our new skintones!

Creator Notes

Please do not modify our texture/mesh without our permission,
Please do not share our ccs in other way.

ID: SC4-103230


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