Nose masks – skin detail

CREATED BY RemusSirion

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Nose masks – skin detail for The Sims 4

by RemusSirion

Apply these nose masks to achieve more defined nose shapes! Find them in skin detail category.

– 12 swatches
– HQ compatible (see creator’s notes) (previews were done without HQ mod)
– skin detail category
– all genders
– all ages
– suitable for all skins (S-club’s skin was used for the previews)
– custom thumbnail

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Please do not copy this creation, do not modify it without permission or claim it as your own.



Creator Notes

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HQ? There is an option to change the game settings which is known as “HQ mod”. It does NOT equal the highest quality settings in game but is an actual change in the graphicrules.sgr file to increase sharpness and displayed details even further. Read about it here:
or here:

ID: SC4-101716


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