S-Club WMLL ts4 ASIAN skintones3.0 ALL AGE



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S-Club WMLL ts4 ASIAN skintones3.0 ALL AGE for The Sims 4

by S-Club

Asian skin 3.0

New skin for Asian sims, more colors, more details!

More colors for male and female, snow/pink/peach/tan and one of 80% transparent adapt with the game’s base colors, you can choose any the colors that you want.
Toddler and Children have a texture with 80% transparent work with game’s default colors.
All gender include.

New detail on the skin :
Add pore on the face, it let the T area more reality (better effect with HQ mod)
The eyelids have a light but volume style.
New ear texture.
For the body, redraw joint knees to make the leg more long look. Rework on the texture of body let the skin
more smooth and soft.

Hope you like our new skin!

ID: SC4-100439


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