SimActors- Matt Smith Sim (11th Doctor Who)

CREATED BY Witchbadger


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SimActors- Matt Smith Sim (11th Doctor Who) for The Sims 4

by Witchbadger

Sim based on Matt Smith.

Custom Content MUST be downloaded and installed separately BEFORE installing the Sim.
This is to ensure the Sim appears in game exactly as it was designed.
See Creator Notes for ALL things needed.

Creator Notes

This sim requires the following Custom Content

*SimActors: Matt Smith Skin (11th Doctor Who)* by Witchbadger

Everything else is base game only.
No Sliders.
I do have the Get To Work and Get Together EP’s

The last image is what you will get – using the above skin and base game content only.


All other images feature the following Custom Content, it is not required for the sim to work but to achieve the looks you will need the following:


*Nightcrawler_eyes_01* by Nightcrawler_Sims


*Basic pack and Recolor pack 01* by Kewai


*Eyebrows N03* by RemusSirion


*11th Doctor Who Jacket* by Witchbadger

*11th Doctor Who Outfit (Get to work needed)* by Witchbadger

*Men’s Tuxedo with a vest* by HistoricalSimsLife


Poses by *Ms Blue*

Please DO NOT re-upload or claim any of my custom content as your own. This includes modifying and re-uploading. Thanks.
You may use my sim as a model for your own Custom Content (eg: your own created clothing, hair, etc) but please credit my sim with a link to its download home (this page) and let me know.

By Witchbadger aka SimWitcher

*SimWitcher Site*

ID: SC4-134223


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