Mila – AC

CREATED BY AwedCoconut


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Mila – AC for The Sims 4

by AwedCoconut

– Mila is a funny person with a great sense of humor, she easily meet new friends and she’s also a little childish. She likes to prank and explain jokes so much that she’s starting to consider to make her own jokes and start a professional career.


1. Download all the CC. (Click in the links you will find in creator notes)
2. Download and unzip the file.
3. Place the items in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray (not the zip folder)

– I have only installed the original base game (SIMS 4), without any EP or SP.

* Please do not claim my sim as your own creation, don’t modify it and re-upload. Enjoy my sim! Thank you!

Creator Notes


Only has been used in the sim the base game and the following CC:
(If you want the sim look exactly as in the photos you should install all this custom content)

-Makeup, Hair and Skin

* Skintone – by MsBlue
* Skindetail – by S4Models, (download the highlighted version).
* Freckles – by PZC
* Hair – by S-Club
* Eyebrows – by Pralinesims
* Eyes – by Alf-si, (choose non default-1).
* Lashes – by Kijiko
* Eyeshadow 1 – by SM
* Eyeshadow 2 – by SM
* Eyeliner 1 – by ShojoAngel
* Eyeliner 2 – by SM
* Lipstick 1 – by Pralinesims
* Lipstick 2 – by tatygagg
* Blush – by SM

– Clothes and Accesories

* Everyday Jumpsuit – by DarkNighTt
* Everyday Shoes – by Madlen
* Formal Necklace – by LeahLillith
* Formal Dress – by Metens
* Formal Shoes – by Sentate
* Athletic Top – by PZC
* Athletic Pants – by PZC
* Athletic Shoes – by Madlen
* Party Sunglasses – by LeahLillith
* Party Necklace – by Leah Lillith
* Party Dress – by LuciaHerrera
* Swimwear – by sims2fanbg

Credits: All CC creators | Poses by MsBlue and Simstailored

ID: SC4-103338


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