Maseo Uehara

CREATED BY Munter_Bacon


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Maseo Uehara for The Sims 4

by Munter_Bacon

Meet Maseo Uehara, a young adult from Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and Simlish and hopes to one day be a professional ball player. At least that was then plan when he left Japan, it could’ve changed by now. He’s a real prankster, which can sometimes get him in to trouble but life is short, so he makes the most of it one laugh at a time.

Aspiration: Friend of the World
Traits: Active, Goofball, Ambitious

Please check creators notes for CC used to make Maseo. As with my other sims, I will list the physical appearance CC first, then clothing CC.

Creator Notes

Physical Appearance CC:

Asian Skintone by S-Club: *CLICK HERE*
Facemask 2.0 by S-Club: *CLICK HERE*
Eyebrows by S-Club: *CLICK HERE*
3D Eyelashes by Kijiko: *CLICK HERE*
Hair – Like Lust by Stealthic: *CLICK HERE*
Eyes by Vampire_aninyosaloh: *CLICK HERE*
Beard by metalfenix (original by David Veiga): *CLICK HERE*

Clothing CC:

Japanese T-Shirt by TwistedFate Sims: *CLICK HERE*
Jacket by TwistedFate Sims: *CLICK HERE*

Credits: Maxis for the game. And to all the authors of the fine CC that made Maseo the sim that he is.

ID: SC4-123266


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