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O’Shea Jackson a.k.a. Sims 4 Ice Cube is a VTK Model.
He’s creative, a music lover, and is self-assured.
He aspires to achieve new heights as a business owner and open doors for other talented individuals!
Ice Cube uses a small amount of custom content including 4 CC by me.
N.W.A., the rap group and pioneers of Hip-Hop’s gangster rap have come together for a reunion.
Ice Cube has joined Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre’s DeathRow Records after Suge Night’s indefinite incarceration.
The music moguls plan to not only take the music industry by storm, but also form their own movie company to become serious competition to Hollywood’s movie entertainment industry.
Ice Cube also started a basketball league and the rest of Deathrow has joined the basketball league as well and made it full court.
So, now most of the top basketball players have joined such as Steph Curry.
In this YouTube video, see several of the Deathrow female dancers at Club Landing Strip V2 in Windenburg who later return to their Club Slate V2 located in the heart of Glimmerbrook!
Watch Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, & Ice Cube perform in Club Slate V2 and also see special guest stars performances from Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Meg The Stallion!
Parental Advisory is in effect for this Hip-Hop video!
Music Artists Credits:
Artists: N.W.A. with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Ice Cube also Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Meg The Stallion
Ice Cube is free to download on The KillaSims Patreon along with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg who are already posted!
The rest of Deathrow along with the female dancers, Ice Cube’s wife, and Steph Curry will be posted later.
Also, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Meg The Stallion will be posted later.


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