Marcel Burdeos



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Marcel Burdeos for The Sims 4

by casmar

If male beauty has a name, that’s Marcel. A handsome, seductive and elegant Sims! This Sims is an authentic urbanite! He loves living in the big city, in a modern penthouse in the center!
Ambitious and snob, Marcel takes great care of his physique, that’s why I decided to be a vegetarian!
I hope you like this Sims, and enjoy it in your game!


You require:

Digital Deluxe Edition
Get to Work
Get Together
City Living

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine out

Perfect Patio Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff

Creator Notes

No sliders

CC Genetic:

Hair (FREE) – Hairstyle (FREE) J003m Ego by NewSea
(No register needed for free hairstyle)

Skin (details) – Skin Detail Kit N06 (Contour N05 – Eyebags N09 – Faceshine N19 – Nosemask N02) by Pralinesims TSR

Eyes – Luca Eyes N84 by Pralinesims TSR

Eyelashes – S-Club WM ts4 eyelashes 201702 by S-Club TSR

Eyebrows – EyeBrowSet2 by ShojoAngel TSR

Lipstick – [ Mellow ] – Lip Gloss by Screaming Mustard TSR

Body hair – Body Hair v4 (BH-Fine) by lumialover8 MTS


CC Closet:

Jacket – Dolci Gabbana Stripe Jacket by AAStyle

Scarf – male fringe muffler (scarf) by Marigold

Sunglasses – toksik – Technologic Sunglasses by toksik TSR

Jacket – DSquared Denim Suit Jacket by AAStyle

Swimsuit – S77 male 05 by Sonata77 TSR


Backgrounds – CAS Backgrounds Living Room by Annett85

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ID: SC4-128330


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