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Sims 4 Jordan Schneider


Welcome to Luminosity Gaming House!

Jordan (Randumb) Schneider’s career started in early 2015 with his fan base originated from Call of Duty.
Since then having transitioned over to Fortnite, he’s experienced even more sucess with his fan base growing over 2 million subscribers.

* Download all CC’s listed below to have the sim like in the pictures.
* Don’t claim as your own
* Don’t reupload

Expansion Packs I have:

– Base Game
– Get Famous
– Seasons
– Cats and Dogs
– City Living
– Get Together
– Get To Work
– Jungle Adventure
– Dine Out
– Spa Day
– Vampire
– Outdoor Retreat
– Parenthood
– Laundry Day
– Toddler Stuff
– Fitness Stuff
– Bowling Night
– Vintage Glamour Stuff
– Backyard Stuff
– Cool Kitchen Stuff
– Perfect Patio
– Spooky Stuff
– Movie Hangout
– Romantic Garden
– My First Pet Stuff
– Strangerville
– Island Living
– Moschino Stuff Pack
– Realm Of Magic

Available to download for free at The Sims Resource


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