Henry Kruber



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Henry Kruber for The Sims 4

by Shylaria

Mr. Henry Kruber is a kind, middle-aged gentleman. He’s a good citizen, a good neighbor, loves music and loves the outdoors. He was happily married to his wife Emily until an unfortunate encounter with the Grim Reaper took her away. Since then Henry has lived alone, enjoying his music collection, fishing each day, visiting the park and taking life one day at a time. Now, years later, Henry has decided that he is once again ready to share his life with the right lady. He knows he’s not the most handsome man in town, but what he can offer is a happy life. And he’s not looking for just not any lady. He is looking for a Soul Mate. The right lady will share his love of music and the outdoors, and be a romantic as well. Her age and looks are not important. Henry and Emily had no children, so a chance to have a family with his new love would be welcomed. The question is… Is that lady out there? Can love and a family once again come to Henry Kruber?

Henry Kruber is a Male Adult Sims 4 Sim

Aspiration- Love – Soul Mate

Traits – Loves the Outdoors, Romantic, Music Lover

Bonus Trait- Alluring

NO CUSTOM CONTENT and NO SKINS were used in this creation.

ID: SC4-132649


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