Halloween Michael Myers

CREATED BY Witchbadger


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Halloween Michael Myers for The Sims 4

by Witchbadger

Halloween Michael Myers Sim.

Custom Content MUST be downloaded and installed separately BEFORE installing the Sim.
This is to ensure the Sim appears in game exactly as it was designed.

Requires base game only. I do not have any SP’s or EP’S installed.

Uses make up, shirt and bottoms cc that is ALL included in the outfit set listed in the creator notes below.

Creator Notes

This sim requires the following Custom Content:

Outfit Set (including make up and costume):
*Halloween Michael Myers Outfit by me, Witchbadger aka SimWitcher*

Please DO NOT re-upload or claim any of my sim’s as your own. This includes modifying and re-uploading them.

You may use my sim as a model for your own Custom Content (eg: your own created clothing, hair, etc) but please credit my sim with a link to its download home (this page) and let me know.

By Witchbadger aka SimWitcher

*SimWitcher Site*

ID: SC4-134712


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