Boris Karlsson



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Boris Karlsson for The Sims 4

by casmar

Boris is a Sims boy who cultivates body and mind. He is a perfectionist, lover of sports and reading. But sometimes it can also be a bit childish! He lives in the city, but he also likes the field!
I hope you like it and enjoy it in your game!


You require:

Digital Deluxe Edition
Get to Work
Get Together
City Living

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine out

Perfect Patio Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff

Creator Notes

No sliders


CC Genetic:

Hair – Anto – Blackout (Hair) by Anto TSR

Skin (details) – Skin Detail Kit N06 (Eyebags N09 – Faceshine N19 – Nosemask N02) by Pralinesims TSR

Eyes – Crystal Eyes Pack N06 (Sunset Eyes N59) by Pralinesims TSR

Eyelashes – S-Club WM ts4 eyelashes 201702 by S-Club TSR

Eyebrows – S-Club WM thesims4 Eyebrows06 M by S-Club TSR

Lipstick – Gentle Nude Lips N44 by Pralinesims TSR

Body hair – Body Hair v4 (version BHv4 Fine) by lumialover8 MTS


CC Closet:

Coat – Coat 04 (A+B) (version A) by Seze

Glasses – Small Round Glasses and Shades – Update January 24 2015 Intel bugfix (eye glasses and sun glasses) by Esmeralda MTS

Suit – Smart Fashion IX by Zuckerschnute20 TSR

Bag sport – Accessory bag (category rings – left hand) by Inabadromance

Jacket with turtleneck – Top leather jacket with turtleneck sweater by Marigold

Swimsuit – Beach Shorts by Pinkzombiecupcakes TSR

Surfboard – [Island Paradise] Surfboard accessory by Severinka TSR


ID: SC4-127302


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