Atsu – AC

CREATED BY AwedCoconut


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Atsu – AC for The Sims 4

by AwedCoconut

– Atsu is from Japan. He enjoys playing video games and improving his computer skills. He wants to know everything and more about programation, so maybe it’s time to get a job on it, but what would make him happier, hacking accounts or crating new videogames?


1. Download all the CC. (You can find it in creator notes).
2. Download and unzip the file.
3. Place the items in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray (not the zip folder)

– I have only installed the original base game (SIMS 4), without any EP or SP.

* Please do not claim my sim as your own creation, don’t modify it and re-upload. Enjoy my sim! Thank you!

Creator Notes


Only has been used in the sim the base game and the following CC:
(If you want the sim look exactly as in the photos you should install all this custom content)

– Makeup, Hair and Skin

* Skin – EA default

* Skin overlay – by S4Models

* Hair 1 – by Cazy

* Hair 2 – by Stealthic

* Eyes – by Alf-si, choose non default-1.

* Eyebrows – by Pralinesims

– Clothes

* Everyday T-shirt – by Odey92

* Everyday Jeans – by McLayne

* Shoes – by Madlen

* Formal vest – by PZC

* Formal pants – by McLayne

* Athletic Sweatshirt – by PZC

* Party sweatshirt – by JustMoose

* Swimwear – by PZC

Credits: All CC creators | Poses by IMHO

ID: SC4-111241


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