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Luna Carlotto for The Sims 4

by Shylaria

Meet Luna Carlotto, World Adventurer and Treasurer Hunter. Luna is a passionate nature lover and treasure hunter who loves searching the world for rare finds. She can be found cracking open rocks in search of precious gems and artifacts or searching the landscape and wetlands for specimens of rare creatures. When she finds a treasure, she immediately adds it to her personal collection. Even though you will usually find Luna dressed in her treasure hunting gear, she can often be seen in a formal gown when invited to speak publically about her finds. She can be seen at social events, dressed in the latest party dress. When not treasure hunting Luna loves to spend her time working out or jogging the neighborhood to stay fit for the next treasure hunt.

Luna Carlotto is a Female Young Adult Sims 4 Sim

Aspiration – Nature – The Curator

Traits – Loves the Outdoors, Active, Self-Assured

Aspiration Bonus Trait- Collector

Luna’s Treasure Hunter’s outfit is Snaitf’s recolor of the Smuggler’s Outfit.

It can be downloaded at:

NO SKINS were used in this creation.

Credits: Snaitf

ID: SC4-133488


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