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The “CAFE LA CREME!” V2 Restaurant used to be Paddywack Emporium.
I’ve changed this former retail store into a nice restaurant made with no CC.
This small restaurant and cafe has been expanded to be more comfortable.
It features 3 host/hostess stations, 3 chef stations, 6 waiter/waitress stations, 2 bars, and 2 bathrooms. So service should be fast!
It’s a nice place and fun environment for sims to go and have satisfying meal & drinks.
Level your employees’ skills up and enjoy!

I’ll make a video where you can see this restaurant in action.
Update: See the video here:

Note: I didn’t notice that I had forgotten to delete the window on the back where the new door to one of the chef stations is located until I made this video, but I’ve re-uploaded the restaurant after fixing it.

“CAFE LA CREME!” V2 Restaurant uses items from:

Eco Lifestyle     (EP09)
Get Famous       (EP06)
Get Together     (EP02)
Get To Work       (EP01)
Dine Out              (GP03)
Spa Day                (GP02)

Lot Type: Restaurant or Cafe
Lot Size:   20×20
Nymber of Floors: 2
Estimated Value: 214,000
Number of Beds: 0
Number of Bathrooms: 2
File Size: 202.43 KB

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