The Sims 4 Old Fabric

Fully Furnished Residential Lot (40×30) designed by ChiLLi19802

Available at The Sims Resource

Expanded old factory for your family, with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Creator Notes

concreteWall by ChiLLi ->

Electronics anywhere by plasticbox ->

Clutter anywhere by plasticbox ->

Liberated shrubs by plasticbox ->

Liberated plants2 by plasticbox ->

free registration on both sides necessary

Cheats: bb.moveobjects, bb.showhiddenobjects

This lot needs:

Get to Work
Perfect Patio Stuff
Spa Day
Cool Kitchen Stuff
Spooky Stuff
Get Together
Movie Hangout Stuff
Dine Out
Kids Room Stuff

Credits: plasticbox

  • Value: 193867
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Stories: 2
  • Lot Size: 40×30
  • ID: SC4-134959

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