St Sims Church & Cemetery NO CC

CREATED BY annwang923


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The Sims 4 St Sims Church & Cemetery NO CC

Fully Furnished Community Lot (50×50) designed by annwang923

Available at The Sims Resource

This church needs a 50×50 lot, you can replace the park in Willow Creek if you think that park is kind of useless.

You can either have the wedding inside of the building or in the garden. Dining tables are placed for the reception. Piano and violin can entertain the guests. A kitchen with bar is in the back of the building.

On the other side of the main building is the cemetery. You can place the gravestones there and have a ghost party in the night.

St Sims Church and Cemetery
Lot Type: Generic
Lot Size: 50 x 50
Value: $110,629
CC: No
You need these packs: Get Together

Packs I have: Get to Work/Get Together/Dine out/Spa Day/Outdoor Retreat/

Creator Notes

I always wanted to build a church for my sims, and finally I finished the construction recently.

I used ‘bb.moveobjects on’ when building this lot. Please make sure to turn these on before you place the lot.
Please do not re-upload without the premission. You can share it with the link of my page.

You can download this lot from the gallery by searching my originID:annwang923

  • Value: 110629
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Stories: 4
  • Lot Size: 50×50
  • ID: SC4-118847

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