Seattle Grace Hospital

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The Sims 4 Seattle Grace Hospital

Fully Furnished Community Lot (50×50) designed by fsdesign2

Available at The Sims Resource

This beautiful and modern hospital has 2 fully equipped clinics, including ORs (and I made sure all the equipment we need to perform our duties quickly and efficiently are all together, so each clinic comes with exam beds, computers, analyzers, x-ray machines, treadmills, surgery tables, coffee machines, microwaves, etc. very close to each other), a reception with lots of waiting areas, a complete cafeteria/kitchen and also a bar, kids playground area, staff gym, and a staff on-call room.
Upstairs is really just a finishing touch, because you won’t need anything there to complete any task, but you will find maternity wards and recovery rooms as well.

Have fun, Simmers!

Creator Notes

CC free.
IÁ†ve used all major cheats available to build this lot, like MOO, showhiddenobjects, ignoregameplay and the Á¦resize objectÁ† one. If the objects in your game are not quite the same as you see in the pictures, please activate all those cheats and try importing the hospital again.
Make sure you have the latest updated patch and all the expansion packs up to Luxury Party Stuff for this lot to work properly.
Please do not reupload and claim as yours. Cheers!

To import this lot: first of all, make sure you create a backup of your original hospital by exporting it to your library before making any changes.

– Pick a Sim who is already a doctor or choose this career for your Sim using your phone.
– Once at the hospital, type this cheat: bb.enablefreebuild.
– You are now able to edit this lot, so go ahead and import the Seattle Grace Hospital to your lot.
– And that should be it!

  • Value: 726916
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Stories: 2
  • Lot Size: 50×50
  • ID: SC4-109057


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