Saint Sims Church (No CC)

CREATED BY Reiko_Tsukino


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The Sims 4 Saint Sims Church (No CC)

Fully Furnished Community Lot (Other) designed by Reiko_Tsukino

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The Saint Sims Church (lot size 50×40) is build in a traditional roman styled architecture. The layout and style is purely based on my idea of what a church looks like. For the lot itself I decided to go for a park type lot because it’s basically half park and half wedding venue.

In the front, the church has two towers and an entrance in the middle of the the facade. The facade is decorated with flowers and statues and a big clock at the top. When you enter the church through the main door you arrive in a smaller central area before you get into the main hall of the church. On your left and on your right you will see a door that leads into another small hallway with a stairs and another door. Both areas on left and right are the exact same, only one door leads to the women’s toilet and the other to the men’s toilet. The stairs on either side lead up to the same 2nd floor where you will find a piano with view over the entire main church hall.

When you go down the stairs again, you will arrive back into the small central area which is connected to the main hall of the church which is several floors high up to the roof. This hall is filled with benches for your sims to sit on and attend anything that goes on in the church. At the very end of the hall is you can find the altar which is the centre of any church like activity. On the right and left of the altar you have "wings" of the main hall where more benches are situated to sit on. In the right wing is a stair that leads into a basement area or in this case a crypt with an urn.

Outside the church on the right is a park that is accessable from outside and from the right wing in the church. If you access the park from the at the street you enter a graveyard with tombstones spread around a decorated area. Perfect last resting place for your sims who have passed away. At the water side right against the church is a fishing spot where your sim can fish or rest on one of the benches next to it. If you walk through the graveyard to the back of the park area, you enter a wider space with a pond in which you can also fish. There is a place to grill and for children to play making it a nice place for your sims to hang out and spend time.

Enjoy!! ^_^

Creator Notes

In order to make the lot work properly, make sure you install it on your lot within build mode and not from your world map. Turn on “bb.moveobjects on” and “bb.showhiddenobjects” before you install the lot.

I made this lot while owning the following packs:
– Get to Work
– Get Together
– Outdoor Retreat
– Spa Day
– Dine Out
– Perfect Patio Stuff
– Cool Kitchen Stuff
– Luxury Party Stuff
– Spooky Stuff
– Movie Hangout
– Romantic Garden
– Kids Room

  • Value: 255026
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Stories: 3
  • Lot Size: Other
  • ID: SC4-122472


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