Albert Einstein Institute Á» Science Lab

CREATED BY fsdesign2


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The Sims 4 Albert Einstein Institute Á» Science Lab

Fully Furnished Community Lot (50×50) designed by fsdesign2

Available at The Sims Resource

An outstanding, modern and complete science lab complex that will make your Sims proud of being scientists. It has everything your simscientists need, with plenty of analyzers and computers everywhere you go.

First floor:

Reception, invention’s room, scientist’s labs all around, analysis room, toilets with showers, a gym, a coffee break area, a green house with every single plant and tree available in the game, a launching area with 2 rocket pads and a flight controller’s room, and a stair that will take you to the observatory on the second floor. Oh, and there is another entrance with yet another reception in the back of the building.

Second floor:

A huge auditorium for lectures and seminars, a coffee break area and a fully equipped restaurant with a resting area and more toilets.

Third floor:

A very spacious meeting room with its own kitchen, more toilets, a staff resting area, lockers room, a top-secret room with samples of alien species and the electrical room with all the high-voltage equipment.

CC free. Have fun, Simmers!

Creator Notes

CC free.
IÁ†ve used all major cheats available to build this lot, like MOO, showhiddenobjects, ignoregameplay and the Á¦resize objectÁ† one. If the objects in your game are not quite the same as you see in the pictures, please activate all those cheats and try importing the science lab again. Some objects like the Sims Ray, the potions, the crystals and metals, etc and perhaps some trees or plants might not be imported with this lot. Just use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat, find them in your catalog and place them as you see in the pictures. As for some plants and trees, maybe you will see them already placed in the plant boxes, but you might have to use the Á´plantÁ¶ option for them to grow.

Make sure you have the latest updated patch and all the expansion packs up to Luxury Party Stuff for this lot to work properly.
Please do not reupload and claim as yours. Cheers!

To import this lot: first of all, make sure you create a backup of your original lab by exporting it to your library before making any changes.

– Pick a Sim who is already a scientist or choose this career for your Sim using your phone.
– Once at the lab, type this cheat: bb.enablefreebuild.
– You are now able to edit this lot, so go ahead and import the Albert Einstein Institute to your game.
– And have fun! 😉

  • Value: 1249485
  • Furnished: Fully
  • Decorated: Throughout
  • Stories: 3
  • Lot Size: 50×50
  • ID: SC4-118177

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