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The Sims 4 MOD: Wear Uniforms!

Available for download at Mod The Sims

– Last Updated : 9/17/2020
– Currently Supported Language : English, Korean, Portuguese(by SrAzten)

9/20/2020 – Portuguese translation added. (thanks to SrAzten!)

What Is This Mod?
‘Wear Uniforms!’ is a mod that allows sims to change into a huge variety of outfits with great convenience. These outfits include many sorts of situational uniforms, skill-related outfits, apparels bought from market stalls, and more. I bet many of you have found the outfit system of the basegame extremely inconvenient – Our sims never wear situational outfits even when all the other sims around wear them(ex. city festivals, university organization meetings), and we must go through a very annoying proccess of manually modifying their outfits in CAS. So we often end up just staying in their usual outfits! Even when all the other sims are wearing uniforms! Now, with this mod, by just a single click, you can make your sims change into wide varieties of outfit you want.

How Do I Use This Mod?

You can simply on your sim self, click on ‘Wear Uniform…’,

Select an outfit category, (in this case ‘University’)

And select an outfit. (in this case ‘Foxbury Spirit Squad T-Shirt’)

Then your sim will change into that outfit!

What Kind of Outfits Can My Sim Wear?
* Required packs for each outfits are in the parentheses.
* Outfits that must be ‘unlocked(ex. buy from market stalls, join an university organization)’ are underlined at below. (They will be showed in bold instead of underline in-game.)
These outfits won’t show up in the menu if your household didn’t unlock them!

1. University (Discover University)- UBrite Style
– Foxbury Style
– University Kiosk Apparels : Hats, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants
– All Kinds of Organization T-Shirts
– University Mascots2. Festival (City Living)- Pranksters Style
– Jokesters Style
– Romance Festival Style
– Spice Festival Style
– All Kinds of Festival T-Shirts3. Native- Islander (Island Living)
– Selvadoradian (Jungle Adventure)4. Spellcaster (Realm of Magic)- Edgy
– Fairytale
– Vintage
– Street Modern5. Skills- Fishing
– Gardening (Base Game + partially Seasons. Seasons outfits won’t show up if you don’t own it.)
– Cooking (Cool Kitchen Stuff)
– Handiness
– Painting (Base Game + partially City Living. CL outfits won’t show up if you don’t own it.)
– Bowling (Bowling Night Stuff)
– Flower Arranging (Seasons)
– Skating (Seasons)6. Costumes : Same as the costumes you can wear from the base game.

7. Others- Tourist
– Living Statue (City Living)
– Bathing Robe (Spa Day)
– Knight (Get Together)
– Bear (Outdoor Retreat)
– Curio Shop Clothings : Tin-foil Hat, Novelty T-Shirt (StrangerVille)

Q. I’m worried if my sim will be stuck in that outfit, like the City Living market stall T-Shirts do. They’re stupid.
A. Don’t worry! I programmed this mod so that your sims will NEVER be stucked in their new outfits. There are largely two ways that sims wear new outfits in this mod : 1. Generating a new situation outfit, 2. Temporarily putting on a body part on current outfit. In case of No.1, it won’t have any problems b/c your sims’ usual outfits will be left untouched. In case of No.2, all of the temporarily put body parts will be removed whenever you change into another outfit.(ex. Everyday to Formal) Also, you can manually remove all these body parts by selecting ‘Remove All Parts’ options inside the menu. This option will show up only when your sim is wearing any temporary body part.

Q. In base game, there is a bug that sims won’t wear bottoms along when wearing TShirts, when they are currently in a ‘full body’ outfit. Would this be a case in this mod too?
A. Again, don’t worry! I also found this very glitching in the original game, so I fixed it. When your sim is currently wearing a full body part and selects to wear top(TShirts or sweatshirts) part on this mod, a random bottom part will be generated and worn along with the top part. I manually selected the bottom part options so I’m sure they will be quite okay. But in case of university sweatpants, which are the only bottom parts that can be worn from this mod, top parts will not be randomly generated, so I recommend your sim to select another top part along with the sweatpants.

I’m planning to add these features on upcoming updates:
– option to remove certain parts. ex) hats/glasses/facepaint/shoes
– ‘Explorer’ category : Outdoor Explorer, Jungle Explorer. Your sims can wear explorer outfits on adventures!
– ‘Seasons’ category : Raincoat, Love Day Suit, Winterfest Outfit, more… : Some of the seasons outfits are stupid(ex. the raincoat item with hood), but I thought they may fit well in certain seasonal situations.
– More variety for children & toddlers : Right now, costumes and islander outfits are probably everything for them. In addition children can wear festival t-shirts, but still there are not much varieties.
– Addon to overhaul the Buy&Wear(market stalls, kiosks, …) system : I’m planning to make an addon file to overhaul all the buy&wear systems(which are very glitchy) into a system that works the same way as this mod. This is sort of a fix mod for the game.

If you have some suggestions for this mod(ex. outfits you want), please tell me! I tried to add as many things I thought were needed in the game – but I’m sure there will be more. Your suggestions will be a great help for this mod!

Additional Credits:
– Sims 4 Studio
– S4 CAS Tools


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