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TS4 inZOI Mod Graph 1.0: Aesthetic Enhancements and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Dive into the enhanced world of The Sims 4 with the ‘TS4 inZOI Mod Graph 1.0’. This latest reshade update hones the original’s beauty, ensuring your gameplay is not only visually stunning but also seamless in its execution.
Preserving the Original’s Charm: If you’ve cherished the original’s look and feel, fear not! The 1.0 update maintains the authenticity of your beloved visuals, with only small enhancements for an overall smoother experience.

What’s New in 1.0?
Convenient hotkey activation for Ambient Light (alt+L) to quickly adjust in-game lighting without fuss.
DoF (Depth of Field) is thoughtfully disabled by default to alleviate any initial setup headaches, giving you a clear, crisp start from the get-go.
Colourfulness shader added with a toggle option (alt+C) to beautifully amplify the vibrancy of your Sims universe.
Clarity shader inclusion, with a straightforward hotkey (shift+C), providing a sharper, more defined picture.
An elegant Film Grain effect accessible via hotkey (alt+G) to add that classic cinematic texture to your game.

Technical Tweaks for Optimal Performance:
Remember to disable edge smoothing in your game settings for the best reshade experience.
Ensure RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED is set to 0 for accurate depth detection.
For enriching shadow details, set MXAO_TWO_LAYER and MXAO_SMOOTHNORMALS to 1 under the “preprocessor definitions” for qUINT_mxao.

A Cohesive Blend of Legacy Shaders and Standard Effects:
Empowering your gameplay were legacy shaders and standard effects including MXAO, FXAA, SMAA, and more—all carried through from version 4.9.1, ensuring compatibility and continuity.

Disclaimer: Screenshots are from Del Sol Valley; experience may vary elsewhere. This preset is designed for smooth gameplay performance—disable MXAO and DoF for optimized play. Created with version 4.9.1, variations could occur with other versions. A new video guide is available for effortless installation assistance.
Revitalize your Sims experience—TS4 inZOI Mod Graph 1.0 is your pathway to a more vibrant, lively, and aesthetically pleasing virtual life.


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