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The Sims 4 MOD: Ultra Time Speed Changer – Game Time Speed Modifier or Strictly Required Game Version. tested and working no update needed

Remember the first mod released in 2015 by IceM ? This will work and modified simillarly.
As the modder stop to support this mod, I decided to make it something useful again.

Whenever my sim needs to start it’s plans within the day, I always got to be late so I decided to do something to fix this kind of scenarios. Imagine when you need to go on a date, parties, birthdays or any monkey business you’ve got you need 2-3 hours doing shower, eating and etc. My target is to do it in more realistic, so with the help of this mod you can actually do those things with just an hour or less depends on your modified value.

You will take a shower for about 30 sim minutes, as you modified your time speed doubled your sim will do it for 15 sim minutes.

Current file is set to have double(value of 50) than a normal sim day. You can modify this mod on your own, instructions below. I’m planning to support the mod in the future and give the best sims gameplay to you all.

This is a standalone mod so it will not conflict to other mods
This is a Pure Script Mod no XML Tuning is used

1. Do not UnZip the file.
2. Copy the zip file to your mods folder and not put it in any subfolder.
3. Run the game.

How to change the game time speed
1. Extract date_and_time.py inside the zip file
2. Open it with Notepad, Notepad++, Python IDLE or any py editor (I recommend Notepad++ or IDLE)
3. In line #9, change the value of REAL_MILLISECONDS_PER_SIM_SECOND from 1 to 1000
4. Save your py file
5. Replace date_and_time.py inside the zip with your modified one
6. Run the game

25 is the game default value equivalent to 1.5 seconds / sim minute
1000 is the maximum value which is equivalent to real world minute or 60 seconds / sim minute
I recommend 50 as it doubles your sim day, it is more than enough.

As long as the value goes lower than 25 your game time speed goes much faster.

Additional Credits:
IceM for Relativity Idea
AshenSeaced for New Script and Modifications


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