Ugly Townie Outfit Eliminator + No Accessories For Randomly Generated Sims

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The Sims 4 MOD: Ugly Townie Outfit Eliminator + No Accessories For Randomly Generated Sims

Available for download at Mod The Sims

22/8/20 IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! up until now, the way to prevent random sims from getting accessories has been to do default overrides for each item manually. which is tedious. but while attempting to make a totally different mod, i stumbled upon something very exciting. the modifiers for how likely it would be that a random generated sim would get accessories! i’ve set it all to 0. i’ve decided to roll it into this mod. say goodbye to all your default overrides!

19/8/20: only the strangerville package needed updating for todays patch
i hate situation outfits. i really really effing hate situation outfits. truly the worst thing about the sims. i wanted them gone. so i made them gone


BASE GAMEtragic clownrandomly generated wedding dressespark sleepershideous babysitter uniformOUTDOOR RETREATbearsGET TOGETHERknight night at the barbear night at the barCITY LIVINGtourist outfitssims in face masks, bathing suits, stockings, and towelsraccoonsfestival outfits (not including geek festival cosplay)VAMPIRESfake vampiresJUNGLE ADVENTUREtourist outfitsSEASONSrain outfitsscout kidsformal wear on holidayspiratesGET FAMOUSformal wear on celebrity neighborstourist outfitsugly drama club uniformISLAND LIVINGturtle hatching fanaticother randomly generated island traditional outfitsREALM OF MAGICrandomly generated Magic realm outfitsDISCOVER UNIVERSITYmascots in some situationssports fan outfitsprofessor outfitsstudents in randomly generated outfitssecret society outfitsuniforms for the education career
the vampire package conflicts with zeros walkby overhaul


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