[SE] 3+ Lifestyles Fix

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The Sims 4 MOD: [SE] 3+ Lifestyles Fix

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Mod Description

As I’m sure everyone knows about the Lifestyles Issue, where Sims can get more than 3 Lifestyles. This mod should try to resolve this unaddressed issue that hasn’t been resolved.

Issues NOT Rectified Under This Mod: When Removing a Lifestyle trait, the Sim Info UI does not indicate that the Lifestyle Trait is removed unless the Sim travels to another lot. (This is something beyond XML, under Scale Form GFX, which I will NOT do and CANNOT do.)
My fix for this issue is to add tests to the Progression Loots that add statistics to the traitStatistics of the Lifestyles. If one of the 2 tests were to pass, then it will add the statistic.

The tests are as follows:

Test 1:
Checks if the Sim have less than 3 Lifestyle Traits. (Underblacklist_trait_types with num_blacklist_allowed)

Test 2:
Checks if the Sim have the trait related to that traitStatistic. (Some statistics may have one trait while others may have 2 traits)

Note: Any form of tests that were previously in the tests will be integrated into both Test 1 and 2.

Test 2’s objective is to ensure that the Sim can continue to maintain their Current Lifestyle Trait while Active.

Tunings Modified

All Lifestyles Progression Loot, any mods that modifies those will be affected, vice versa.

statistics.lifestyle_service (Used for testing)

traitPicker_Lifestyles_Add_Cheat (Used for testing)

Additional Credits:
– S4S
– EA Answers Forum for the Issue


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