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The Sims 4 MOD: [RoM] Curses are Now Spells

Available for download at Mod The Sims

Important Note: Spellcasters that have the Hexproof Perk can and will get curses from the spells. You’ve been warned. More info why below.

Requirement Notice: This mod requires r3m’s Spellbook Injector Mod which you can find here: http://modthesims.info/d/633665/the-spellbook-injector.html

This mod adds 9 spells to the spellbook under Untamed Magic section where each spell will cast a curse of its name. [See above for picture] I made this mod to save time on getting the curses via searching and typing. The spells can be caster on a Targer Sim or onto the sim who casted it.

1. Curse Of Awkward Embraces
2. Curse of Infectious Laughter
3. Curse Of Repulsiveness
4. Curse Of Scrambled Spells
5. Curse Of The Duelist
6. Curse Of The Night Wraith
7. Curse Of Uncleansable Stench
8. Curse Of Uncontrollable Charge
9. Curse Of Unwarranted Hostility

How to learn the spells:
You can only learn the spells from the Sage of Untamed Magic. Your sim will need to be Virtuoso Rank [Rank 5]. And there is no tome.


[Main Version] – Normal Version, all sims can get the effects of the spell.

[SageProof Version] – The Sages are Hexproof to the spells. Perfect for simmers who have sages in their households or want sages to be immune to the spell-curse.

Pre-expected Questions

1. My sim has the Hexproof Perk, why can they still get the curse? – Hexproof is not a trait or a buff, and since spells don’t have any link with Perks, I can’t link it in.
2. Why is there no tome for these spells. The spells were created on a Rank 5 spell (Duplicato) and Rank 5 spells don’t have a tome and a learning function for the tome. The spells were meant to be taught by a sage as the spells are dangerous (for sims to use).
3. Can I modify the spell to fit to my usage. – Yes, go ahead.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio for the mod creation
Zer0_ for the Spellbook Injector Tutorials
r3m for the Injector Mod and Documentation


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