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The Sims 4 MOD: Rambunctious Religions MOD for Sims 4

Available for download at Mod The Sims

NO REPOSTS without permission – if you made a translation and want to share it, send it to me and I will add it to the files. Then you can link directly to that on your article, blog, etc.

If you use tons of mods, remember to regularly BACK-UP YOUR SAVES. Takes 30 seconds.
I have not noticed any bugs / errors with this mod in my game, but there could be little bugs that escaped me (nothing game-breaking, I took care of all errors that did pop up in testing). If you notice anything, please let me know about it, so that I can fix it! If you are having issues, questions or suggestions, you can ask about it here or go to the dedicated Discord server or myPatreon

The Rambunctious Religions Mod for the Sims 4

4 whimsical, [u]made-up religions for your Sims to join!


Nothing yet other than what already mentioned in the mod description below.


Currently working on: more interactions with objects and a few other minor things.


– July 17th: fixed an error that caused non-occult, non-mean/evil Sims to get the “Existential Guilt” moodlet in the Worship of the Watcher. They were not supposed to, and now they won’t.
– July 14th: fixed an error that allowed Non-Believers to use 2 of the 3 prayer interactions. They don’t believe, so they don’t get the prayers and their powers – to keep it logical!
– July 13th: update v0.95. See features below in description.
– July 5th: Fixed the Holy Book, now the reading finishes by itself, no need to interrupt it. Also added an Fx to the prayer and made it less powerful. You can always do it twice or more in a row if you want your Sims’ needs to be filled completely.
-July 3rd, v0.912: Added a “pray” interaction available when clicking on Sims from all faiths except Non-Believer. Using this will fill up your Sim’s needs!

Each SimReligion (called that way to make sure nobody thinks these are real religions) comes with its own special social interactions, which differ if the listener is non-religious, part of the same faith, or part of another. Each SimReligion also offers specific perks in the form of moodlets and career / skill benefits.
Also includes lot traits for each SimReligion, a religious career and a “religious gathering” social event – complete with a Base Game basic church building and a universal Holy Book so that you can get started right away!

Will your Sim join the Congregation of non-Believers, the Cult of the Cowplant, the Worship of the Watcher, or the Treaders of the Occult? Are they more of a nerd, a hippy, a creative and morally elevated person, or a misfit?

NOTE: be aware, this is NOT about putting real religions in the Sims. This is a Sim-like take on faith, which means, it’s meant to be as humorous as life-emulating; it doesn’t take itself (or real life) too seriously, and is almost a soft parody at times. It is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone or anything.

The SimReligions

Congregation of Non-Believers

This is a place for all Sims who call themselves non-religious but in the end, kind of worship logic and science.

“The Congregation of Non-Believers puts logic above all else. Imagination is reserved for fiction (which they are fond of); logic governs the rest. Some of them like to try to convince religious Sims that their faith is but a flight of fancy. Other Non-Believer Sims have more respect for all the faiths of the world, but simply do not understand them or partake. Sims within the Congretion of Non-Believers enjoy activities that involve logic and science. They dislike wellness activities such as yoga and meditation, and anything they would call “New Agey”.”

Worship of the Watcher

In this one, some Sims realize that there is some higher power (you, the player) controlling their lives from above… (note: name taken from Sims Medieval, but this is NOT the same religion as in that game).

“Some Sims believe that they are not alone – that they are, in fact, never alone, but always under the mighty eye of the Watcher. Fickle and unpredictable is the watcher – at times looking on with fondness, and granting Sims their every whim and desire – other times, casting an angry eye onto their lives, removing ladders from swimming pools, breaking relationships, or pushing them to work on a skill to exhaustion. Some days, a Sim will turn to the sky and wave in despair to ask for their needs to be metly to receive no answer – and other times, their prayer will be heard. Benevolent or merciless is the Watcher. Of course, Sims that believe in It do their best to attract to themselves Its more generous side. They try to behave as well as they can and clean their plates instead of leaving them on the table. They believe that the Watcher likes to see them create, therefore creativity is their favored way to honor their deity. They see Occult creatures as a form of Evil, for they embody the darker sides of the Watcher.; they are therefore instantly uncomfortable near vampires, aliens, spellcasters and mermaids. Of course, human Evil and Mean sims also make them uncomfortable.”

Note: Occult Sims can join, they will just get an occasional +3 embarassed moodlet.

Treaders of the Occult

This is a welcoming environment for all Occult Sims and their fans.

“This faith unites alien believers and incognito aliens, vampire worshipers and vampires themselves. Mermaids and Spellcasters sit amongst humans as they all listen to the same sermon. The Treaders of the Occult fully embrace inter-species dynamics and advocate for peace and acceptance. Members of this faith are happy in presence of Occult Sims. Occult Sims gain interactions that will quickly make them friends with the human Treaders. All Treaders share a taste for the gothic and classic styles, and a love for the night. Treaders become Confident in the depths of night, and a little uncomfortable around noon.”

Cult of the Cowplant

This is a SimFaith with a bit of a hippy vibe, a good place for nature lovers.

“The faithful of the Cult of the Cowplant are Nature worshipers. They focus on protecting and understanding nature. The Cowplant embodies the mysteries of Mother Nature. Sims of this religion love to garden in general, and practice Wellness activities – yoga, meditation, etc. Members of the Cult of the Cowplant dislike technology, and become bored when using computers, playing video games, or watching TV. And, in case you were curious – they are not afraid of being eaten by Cowplants… On the contrary, if the plant spits you out, it means you have truly become a friend of the Cowplant, and of its worshipers.”


Interactions available to All SimReligions: (there are more interactions for each individual SimReligion)

Pray (available when clicking on your Sim unless they’re part of the Congregation of Non-Believers, or have no faith at all): fills all your Sim’s needs.
– Try to better understand one another
(grants +1 happy moodlet to both Sims conversing)
– Try to convert
(from a Religious Sim to a non-religious Sim)
– Mock Church Building Design
– Argue about Religion
[bRead the Holy book[i][b – grants a +2 happy moodlet for 4 hours.

The Perks and Interactions of Each SimReligion
Note: just about all moodlets last 4 hours (except those that last the duration of an interaction / a certain time of the day, see descriptions below).

The Congregation of Non-Believers:

– +2 Happy moodlet when performing scientific and logic activities;
– +3 Bored moodlet when performing wellness activities or dancing.
– +2 Confident moodlet when trying to disprove others’ faith (for the rudest members of the Congregation out there….)
– 50% faster skill increase in Rocket Science, Logic and Robotics
– Social need decreases 40% slower
– 50% better career performance for Detective, Scientist and Astronaut.
– Exclusive social interactions (availability differs depending on who the listener is, see screenshots): [i]Praise Mighty Science, Explain the Beauty of Mathematics (grants logic skill to the listener), Criticize Lack of Rational Thought, Wonder about the Endless Universe (grants +2 inspired to speaker, and to listener if member of same faith), Discuss Scientific Theories (+2 energized for speaker, and listener if same faith), Try to Disprove Faith with Science (+2 angry moodlet has 70% chance of being given to listener, speaker gets a +1 confident).

The Cult of the Cowplant:

– +2 Happy moodlet when gardening or doing wellness activities
– +3 Bored moodlet when using technology
– + 3 Happy moodlet after doing Cowplant activities
– 50% faster skill gain in gardening, herbalism, and wellness
– Need for Energy decreases 40% slower.
– 50% better career performance in Gardener, Diver and Conservationist
– Exclusive social interactions (availability differs depending on who the listener is, see screenshots): Enthuse about Cowplants, Praise Mother Nature, Praise Vegan Lifestyle, Encourage to Recycle (+2 confident for speaker), Criticize for Wastefulness (same, may also add +2 embarrassed for listener – 70% chances).

Worship of the Watcher:

– +2 Tense moodlet in the presence of Occult sims
– +2 Happy moodlet after giving blessings
– +2 Happy moodlet when engaging in any creative activity
– 50% faster skill gain in piano, parenting and singing.
– Need for fun decreases 40% slower
– Better career performance for Law, Politics (activist) and Doctor.
– Exclusive social interactions (availability differs depending on who the listener is, see screenshots): Admire for Good Behavior, Criticize for Unbefitting Behavior, Praise the Watcher, Warn Against What Angers the Watcher (may grant either a +2 happy or +2 angry to listener, grants a +2 happy to speaker), Give Friendly Blessings (same).

Treaders of the Occult:

– + 2 Confident moodlet around midnight
– + 1 Uncomfortable moodlet around midday
– +2 Happy moodlet when in the presence of Occult sims
– 50% skill increase in Charisma, Mischief, Vampiric Knowledge, and the Pipe Organ.
– All needs of Human Sims decrease 40% slower (except bladder, ignoring you need to pee is much harder than not feeling sleepy haha) as these Sims are more remote from the normal and physical realm.
– 50% improved career performance for Actor, Secret Agent and Criminal
– Exclusive social interactions (availability differs depending on who the listener is, see screenshots): Praise Occult Powers (grants +2 confident to listener), Admire the Night, Share Secret Occult Knowledge (grants +2 happy to listener), Bemoan not Being Occult/Human, Criticize for Vilifying Occults (may grant a +2 embarassed to listeners, 70% chances).


Props: The Holy Book

The Holy Book – Universal to all religions. Yes, it just magically knows what to write in itself depending on your Sim’s faith More seriously, it makes more sense in terms of efficiency to have only one book.

Uses: Allows Sims to discover SimReligion

– Grants religious Sims a happy moodlet upon reading.

Props: The official podiums

Just grab a podium, put it in your church, and use the “give speech” action in church. This counts towards career and social event goals. Soon, the official game podiums have the option of “Give sermon” under “give speech” if the active Sim is a member of a faith. I have it done but it has a bug where half the time, the action is infinite (Sims never stop giving the sermon), so it needs tweaking. For now, just use the “give speech” interaction. If you have City Living, you have this.

Props: The Sermonator microphone

This is for players who don’t have City Living ONLY. This is a very imperfect substitution for the “give sermon” podium interaction (the podium comes with City Living). This microphone will allow Sims to give sermons. Unfortunately, because of the complexities of the microphone, and despite having spent days on trying to perfect it, I had to keep the comedy moodlets for listeners (removing or substituting them always caused bugs no matter how I went about it). So your Sim will give a sermon and whomever is listening will react like they heard a comedy routine. If you have City Living, use the podiums instead. Otherwise, use this but be aware of its current caveats. It will count towards social event and career goals either way.

UPDATE v0.95

New features: (see image)
– Religion skill! Gain skill by using religious interactions and reading the Holy Book. Plus, in-game instructions regarding the skills and how to unlock interactions, in case you ever need a refresher (available in the “action — Religion menu”)
– Two new prayer interactions that unlock at higher skill levels.
– Events (rabbit hole) with storytelling moodlets, such as an initiation ceremony (with a different ‘story’ for each SimReligion; during initiation, Sims sequence through 4 story moodlets that tell you what is happening). Most of these also have 3 different possible outcome moodlets.
– Some interactions now unlock only if sim has had an initiation or has reached a certain skill level.
– Control world religion! Automatically assign SimReligion and skill level or absence thereof to all other Sims present. Or, automatically remove religion from all Sims present. OR activate the autonomous assignment of religion to all Sims your active sim meets over the next 10 sim days. Will not affect Sims to whom you manually assigned religions. In order to not break immersion when playing, these options are nested in the “Actions — Religion” menu, where the SimReligion-choosing buttons are, and not in the “Religion” menu where Sims find interactions to perform.
– “Ask Sim if Religious” interaction.
– Club rules for each religion!
– Objectives for the “Religious Official” career have been modified to better fit these new features.

And of course, all the old features remain!

Version 0.95 is a rather big update, and changes the way the mod works a little. So I will also leave the previous version on the site for anyone who doesn’t want to bother their Sims with a skill or doesn’t like my story-moodlets or whatever else.
Now, what’s next? By version 1.0, there will be: more interactions that unlock with higher skill levels, more interactions with objects, more integration and improvements of the social event, improvement of the lot traits. This mod is overall a looooooooot of work though, so it has to be step by step. The update to 1.0 won’t show for a while as I will work on updating Psychic Sims and on a Patreon exclusive. Thanks for your patience!


– Go into “build mode” and look for “Holy Book” (type “holy” in search bar). Buy it, put it on the floor or anywhere. (Once bought, the book will function as any other and go in the bookshelf / Sim inventory).
– Pick a Sim, and click the book, choose “Discover Religion”.
– After a tiny bit of reading, your Sim will get a notification that they have discovered religion. You can let them finish reading.
– Now when clicking on your Sim, in the “Action” menu, you have a new menu: “Religion”. In that menu, you have options for all 4 religions, and removing religion.
– So, go to action – religion – click the SimReligion you want for your Sim. You should hear a sound.
– Once that is done, your Sim will have a trait corresponding to the SimReligion they joined, and a brand new “Religion” pie menu (visible when clicking other Sims for interacting with them).
– Your Sim can convert other Sims through the “Try to convert” interaction.

The “Religious Gathering” Social Event (read if you are going to use the social event)

Make your churches, temples etc a “GENERIC” lot for them to have the option to host religious gatherings.
You can invite up to 20 people to join the Religious Gathering. NPCs are configured to sit down and wear formal attire, so that you get something that vaguely looks like what it’s supposed to. (Caveat: they don’t seem to remember to get up and go pee… But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue as they stay ok till the end of the event.)

For now, it has to be a player-controlled Sim who gives a religious speech. Click on the Podium and give a speech (or use the custom microphone read above). I will make it so that NPCs give the speech in the next update.

You don’t have to make this a goaled event (if you don’t want that, uncheck the “goaled event” box, but if you want goals to guide you, it does work as a goaled event. The goals are really simple and just are meant to guide you through the event.
If your game is anything like mine, entertainers never show up. So I don’t know if it’s my code or the game that does that – BUT you just have to click on the piano and do “hire pianist” and then he will show up.

No vampires, no aliens, no mermaids? No problems! Make your Sims psychic with this little addition. They will count as an Occult within the overall mod. More info on the Psychic Sims! mod page

Base-Game only, what do you get? Or, on pack compatibility

I strive to make my mods as Base-Game friendly as possible. That means all icons and animations are chosen to be base-game compatible. If you notice an animation not playing or an icon not showing, notify me so that I can change it.
This mod is best used with at least one pack with occults (vampires, Island Living, Get to Work or Realm of Magic) and City Living (and once I have club rules and outfits up, Get Together). Some of the religion perks or activities pertain to other various packs. If you have Base-Game only, this is what you get:
– A fully available Worship of the Watcher
– You can join Treaders of the Occults but of course perks and interactions related to occults won’t be available. You can make this a little better by grabbing the Psychic Sims module and making some Sims Psychic, it counts as occult.
– A fully available Congregation of Non-Believers (or almost)
– A somewhat available Cult of the Cowplant (a bunch of perks there relate to other packs)
– A fully available Church Building, career and social event (note, you will have to use the not-great Sermonator Microphone as a prop for sermons if you don’t have the podium from City Living)


COMING SOON: club rules, club outfit, new interactions, whims, and more.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW THIS WORKS IN YOUR GAME! This is completely necessary at this point for me to know if all works well or not

Additional Credits:
Mod Constructor v4 by Zerbu – thank you!
Sim 4 Studio
Notepad ++


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