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The Sims 4 MOD: Psychic Sims! mod for Sims 4

Available for download at Mod The Sims

Backup your saves before installing mods – just to be safe! Takes 30 seconds; go to “My Documents”, then “Electronic Arts”, then “The Sims 4”, and from there copy the “Saves” and “Tray” folders to anywhere else. Done!
Psychic Sims!

A Mod to make your Sims Psychic

Human Sims don’t have it easy, because there’s so many advantages to playing a vampire, spellcaster, or even Mermaid. Poor Human Sims have to deal with all the drudgeries of life with no special ability. I want to shift the scales a little bit, and bring Occult powers to even those of us who don’t have expansion packs. So here comes the Psychic Sims mod! A Psychic Sim is fully human, but is in contact with spirits which grant their powers to the Sims who dare to talk to them.

The Powers of Psychic Sims

– “Dispel Negative Emotions” – psychic Sims can use their influence to dispel another Sim’s negative emotions. It will give them a 4-hour, +2 “dazed” moodlet. The other Sim is rid of bad emotions, and instead gets a “Mysteriously happy” 4-hour +2 moodlet.
– “Steal Positive Emotions” – Psychic Sims can use their abilities to steal other’s emotions, and rid themselves of negative emotions. That discards all negative moodlets (except “dazed” ones) and steals an emotion, randomly it can be either +1 confident, inspired or happy, and lasts 4 hours. The poor Sim whose joy was stolen gets all their positive emotions removed, and a 4-hour, +2 sad.
– “Make Joyful Predictions” – Psychic Sims get psychic insight, and may make predictions. A joyful prediction will give the listener a +1 confident moodlet for a day. This Sim will also become able to tell others about the happy predictions they received.
– “Make Ominous Predictions” -an ominous prediction will give the listener a day-long +1 tense moodlet, and the ability to tell others about the terrible prediction they’ve heard…
– “Commune with the Spirits” – this is an option that restores/fills the Psychic Sim’s needs by about 30%.
– “Bestow Psychic Powers on Sim” – if a Sim is close to a Psychic Sim, the psychic can make them psychic too.
– “Strip of Psychic Powers” – if a Psychic Sim meets another Psychic Sim, they can steal away the other Sim’s spirits, causing the other Sim to not be psychic anymore. This is to give the player control, if you bestowed powers on another and wish to revoke that. The Psychic Sim whose powers are taken away gets a 4 hour, +2 sad moodlet.
– Psychic Sims are sensitive to others’ emotions. If someone near is very happy, very sad or very angry, Psychic Sims get a matching +1 moodlet that will remain until that other Sim is gone.
– Psychic Sims are also sensitive to the presence of Ghosts. They can perceive the ghosts’ most powerful memory – that of their death. Near a ghost, a psychic Sim gets a +3 uncomfortable moodlet.

What other Sims can do regarding Psychics:

– “Joke about Psychics”
– “Ask for Psychic Insight”
– “Mock purported “psychic powers”


What else do you want Psychic Sims to be able to do, or cause?
Share your suggestions or ideas for the next version!



1. Go in build mode, and look for a “mysterious urn” (type “mysterious” in the search bar; or find it in the catalog manually, it’s in “Misc Decorations”). The “Mysterious Urn” is a recolored copy of the base-game “Grandmother’s Urn” (206 polygons) with a modded copy of the tuning of funeral urns. It costs 300.
2. Buy it, and put it somewhere on the floor (it will turn into a normal ‘dead sim’ urn once you place it).
3. Have the Sim you wish to be Psychic “Mourn the Stranger in the Urn”. Let them complete this action. You will get a stroy-notification. Now your Sim has a “Psychic” trait. If you wish to get rid of the powers, click the Urn again, and use “Beg the Spirit to Take Powers Back”.
4. Your Sim now has a new Pie Menu, “Psychic Powers”.


Additional Credits:
Mod Constructor by Zerbu and Sims4Studio – the two best things that ever happened to the Sims 4 community! Infinite thanks to the creators of these programs, Zerbu and Andrew.
Notepad++ and Photoshop
Neon frame in the logo courtesy of


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