PS5 DualSense Controller Override (Functional)



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The Sims 4 MOD: PS5 DualSense Controller Override (Functional)

Available for download at Mod The Sims

PS5 DualSense Controller Override (Functional)

Time to replace that blocky game controller, the DualSense is here! Built with the latest haptic feedback and adaptive trigger technology, your sims will have a blast playing with this awesome device. Now your sims would think twice before throwing these around after a frustrating match!

Original controller mesh is by Freddie Drabble from Sketchfab! I had permission to use the model (which has the Attribution license.) That said, anything else (texturing, uv mapping, mesh optimization, and porting to TS4) are done by me

Sorry for those who don’t have this expansion! However, you can still grab the decorative controller from my PS5 set mod.

Check out my PS5 Set mod if you’re downloading this! It would be weird if you have a PS5 game controller without a PS5, right? Might as well grab it :p

KNOWN ISSUES:Artifacts appear when Object detail in Graphics settings is set to HIGH. Artifacts disappear when object detail is at Medium or lowerOnly Black controller shows up when all colors are placed in Mods folder. This is the expected result. If you want to choose which one shows up, rename the file you want by adding the letter ‘A’ before the color name (example: SimmerWellPupper_FunctionalPS5Controller_Pink -> SimmerWellPupper_FunctionalPS5Controller_APink)Doesn’t show up when there are other cc controllers. If you have installed other console controller overrides, you must either remove them first, or rename them so it doesn’t precede this mod.
If you find other issues, let me know!

The default console controller from City Living (gameConsoleController_EP03GEN_set1) has been replaced and overriden with a custom mesh.


LOD02503 polys

Shadow LOD058 polys

TOOLS USED:Blender 2.79PhotoshopSims 4 Studio
CREDITS:Freddie Drabble from Sketchfab (for the cool DualSense controller model)LUUMIA from Tumblr (for giving me an idea about the specific controller resource)Sony (console product)Maxis (console controller)Sims 4 Studio community (tutorials)

Enjoy! :p


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