Increase your Household Size!

CREATED BY TwistedMexi

Published October 19, 2017

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Increase your Household Size! for The Sims 4

by TwistedMexi

Stable version lets you go to 9 slots. Experimental version lets you go to 24 or more!

ID: SC4-138145


  1. Andrew

    I like this mod because it is good and it does not mess my computer up and I also wanted to make a big family in sims and now I can

  2. Amelia

    this did not work. the game file was corrupted for me, all it did was wreak my game. please come out with a newer updates version of this mod 🙂

  3. IcePanda09

    It doesn’t work for me. It might be the app that somehow got onto my computer. Please help?

  4. Natasha

    This is made for the sims 3

  5. Lizzy Ballard

    Doesn’t work due to Sims company update.

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