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The Sims 4 MOD: NeonOcean.Order (v1.0.0)

All of this information and more can also be found in this mod’s read-me file.

I couldn’t find any way to do this so I made a mod for it.

General Information

NeonOcean.Order is a standalone mod designed to allow mods to specify the load order of their script paths. It cannot control the import order of individual scripts though they will be done in normal order. This mod will override the standard loading mechanism of the game but it should function the same as the original. This mod cannot change the load order of any scripts loaded before it and they will load as normal and before most if not all other mods.

The main GitHub repository for this mod can be found at

Source code for this mod is available on GitHub.

All GitHub repositories will be up to date with the public release. You can also find old public versions of my mods and their sources in the releases section.

Reporting bugs

Report any bugs you find to this mod’s GitHub issues page.

Let the title be prefixed with the mod version you are using and include a description about the problem you are having and how it happened if you know. Make sure to attach any LastException files and the folder located at “Electronic ArtsThe Sims 4NeonOcean” in an archive file.

Alternatively you can send me a private message on my ModTheSims page. You cannot submit any logs through private messaging though.

Working with this mod (Information for mod creators)


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