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The Sims 4 MOD: Move, Sort & Hide Interactions

Available for download at Mod The Sims

: Compatible with January Patch

Do you like clicking “More options…” 15 times to find an interaction ? Then stay away, this mod will rob you of that pleasure.

This mod allows you to move, prioritize and hide any interaction within the game (sim, pets, objects, phone, debug).

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Basic use of this mod

This section explains how to use the mod. Four new interactions can now be found on the computer under “Sort Interactions”. Check out some examples in the video below.
Move an interaction
An interaction like “Get to Know” or “Imply Mother is a Llama” belongs in a certain category. In this case, to “Friendly” and “Mean”. Moving an interaction, means changing its category.

To help you organise your interactions, this mod brings 70 new categories with 25 revamped/new pie menu icons. But it is not limited to those. Any custom content category can be used as well.

Special case : If you want to move “Get to Know” between “Friendly” and “Romance” (basically not in any category), you will have to select my fake “root” category as a destination.
Change an interaction’s priority
The order in which EA displays interactions is defined by a number from 0 to 10. That number is set on all the interactions. If multiple interactions have the same number, EA will display them in alphabetical order. Changing an interaction’s priority means changing that number.
Hide an interaction
You can now hide any interaction within the game, and unhide them at any time.
Hide a category
Actually, categories cannot be hidden if they have interactions inside. Similarly, you can’t display a category that is empty. So hiding a category actually means hiding every interaction inside, thus making it disappear.

Advanced use of this mod

This section lets you know how you can take full advantage of this mod, but at the risk of being frustrated and/or confused.
Custom content
By default, not all of the custom content interactions/categories will be found by the mod. If they are in obvious places, like in the “Friendly” category, then yes, they will be found. But if they are in their own categories or on objects, you will most likely have to unlock everything. But ! That is not the hardest thing to do for custom content. Brace yourselves, because the next part is kind of why I consider this mod to still be in Alpha stage.

Short version that doesn’t explain stuff or make any sense, you just have to trust me :

Just type the cheat code cLineLy.load_missing_texts into the console. Then press OK to all the next messages that appear.

If it tells you that the number of messages to come is well over 30, I would suggest you download an auto clicker, and go grab yourself a cup of coffee. You will only have to do this once.

Long version that makes you feel like you know what the mod is doing to your game :

When you search for an interaction like “MC Command Center”, the displayed text of that interaction needs to be available to the mod. So that the mod can compare your search with the displayed text of each interaction. But behind the mod (aka python), texts look a little like this “0x110B1E89”. And I have not yet found a way to turn “0x110B1E89” into “MC Command Center”. And back in 2015, SimGuruModSquad confirmed that “python does not have access to the [displayed texts]”.

But I have found some kind of solution. You will have to enter this cheat into the console cLineLy.load_missing_texts. You will then see a dialog box containing the displayed text of a custom content interaction. By pressing OK the content of the text field will be send back to the mod as readable text. Python now has access to “MC Command Center” instead of “0x110B1E89”. The mod will now save that value in a text file on your computer so that you don’t have to do it again. And if to you, this looks like a hack, or feels like a hack… well that’s because it is a hack. And an ugly one at that. Thinking about it, it’s not even right to call it a solution. But it works ! You can now search for “MC Command Center”. So one dialog box will popup for each custom content interaction.

Each dialog will tell you how many of them are still left. If it tells you that there are a lot of upcoming dialog boxes, feel free to download an auto clicker and to go grab a drink for a few minutes. I tried to take control of the mouse from inside the mod to do that, but I guess (with reason) EA disabled that kind of behavior.
Unlock everything
By default, only the social interactions (from sim to sim) are available to move/prioritize/hide. Why ? Because the interactions on objects are confusing to say the least. Here is a short video going through some of the weird things with objects.

That said, if you are brave enough, you can unlock every interaction within the game with this cheat code cLineLy.enable_sorting_for_objects True. You can just set it to false to lock them back.
Hide behind shift-click
If you don’t know what a shift-click is, you should probably ignore this section.

If you don’t like the new “Sort Interactions” taking up a slot on the computer. You can hide it behind a “shift-click” with this cheat cLineLy.hide_sorter_behind_shift True. Using False will unhide it.

With this mod, you can use this “hide behind shift-click” on other interactions but there is no UI for it yet (and it doesn’t work on social interactions anyway, only object interactions). If you are an adventurous simmer, as a hint, you can look at what happens in the cLineLy_InteractionSorter_custom_hidden.cfg file after entering the cheat.
Disable default sortings
The mod’s default sortings are there to help. They are supposed to be a head start to make you spend less time organizing every single interaction in the game. But if the way you want to organize your interactions is fundamentally different and you feel like it will take you more time with the default sortings than without, you can disable them with this cheat cLineLy.enable_default_sortings False. Using True will re-enable them.

Here are lists with what the mod’s default sortings do :

You can use Ctrl+F to find a specific interaction.

Now in categoryInteractions

root, ActingAct not BoredAct not EmbarrassedCry On DemandLearn New LinesPractice Dramatics
root, Acting, Perform ScenePerform Comedy ScenePerform Dramatic MonologuePerform Musical Scene
root, Acting, Perform Scene For TipsPerform Comedy Scene for TipsPerform Dramatic Monologue for TipsPerform Musical Scene for Tips
root, ActionsAdopt as Care DependentGo HomeTurn On Fame Shine
root, Computer GlassesScan for MoodScan for TraitsTake off Computer Glasses
root, Computer Glasses, Web, ResearchResearch Pick-up Lines
root, DisguiseAlter DisguiseDisguise SelfRemove Disguise
root, FameIncite CheersMake Fans SwoonPose For PicturesSummon SquadTurn On Fame ShineUse Celebrity Walkstyle
root, FriendlyTalk Up Another Sim
root, Friendly, ApologizeApologizeApologize for Long HoursBeg ForgivenessMake Peace After FightMend DifferencesSincere Apology
root, Friendly, AskAsk About InspirationAsk About Rabid Rodent FeverAsk About Scouting CareerAsk For Typing TipsAsk about Another SimAsk about CareerAsk about DayAsk about DegreeAsk about FoodAsk about Home RegionAsk about SchoolAsk about WooHooAsk for DNA SampleAsk for Flexibility TipsAsk for Juice Fizzing TipsAsk for Large LoanAsk for Recycling TipsAsk for Small LoanAsk if Good or BadAsk if MermaidAsk if SingleAsk to Be Put to BedAsk to Be Snow BroAsk to Hang OutAsk to Join HouseholdAsk to Just Be FriendsAsk to LeaveAsk to Spray The Monster Under The BedWhich way is the way to the beach?
root, Friendly, BragBeach FlexBoast about Messing AroundBrag About Beating Climbing TimeBrag About Being Curry ChampionBrag About Climbing ProwessBrag About Job TitleBrag About Small HomeBrag About Winning GameBrag about Dinner PartyBrag about GradesBrag about SkillzBrag about StartupBrag about Surviving Food PoisoningDiscuss ConquestsShow Off Outfit
root, Friendly, Celebrate HolidayAsk For PresentBe ThankfulBlow HornsComplain about {2.String}Discuss Details of Season PremiereGive {2.String} GiftPurchase GiftsShare {2.String} ExcitementShare {2.String} SpiritSing about {2.String}Spin {2.String} NoisemakerThrow {2.String} Confetti{2.String} Toast
root, Friendly, Chat with Co-WorkerAsk about SalaryAsk for a CrystalAsk for a MetalBrag about PromotionComplain about WorkComplain about WorkloadCongratulate on PromotionDeliberate Medical TheoryDiscuss CaseDiscuss Case TheoriesDiscuss Soccer StrategiesDiscuss WorkDon’t Talk about Crime ClubEnthuse about Delivering BabyEnthuse about InventionsEnthuse about Solving CaseGossip About Office RomancesGossip about Co-workersPraise Work EthicSecret Scouting HandshakeTalk to the Chief
root, Friendly, Chat with FamilyAsk about Future PlansAsk for Advice on Biting TechniqueBack in My DayBring Up Embarrassing Childhood MomentDeep Personal ConversationGive Family AdviceGive the WooHoo TalkKiss CheekLecture about GradesLecture about MisbehaviorLecture about ResponsibilitiesLecture about SunlightOffer Advice on Vampire LifePraise for Good GradesSecret HandshakeShare Ancient LoreTalk about Journal EntriesTeach Valuable Lesson
root, Friendly, Chat with FriendBanter with Old FriendBecome Best FriendsDeep ConversationExpress Admiration
root, Friendly, Chat with NeighborChat about Property ValuesComplain about Local YouthsCompliment HouseDiscuss Local CuisineDiscuss Neighborhood ChangesGossip about Neighbors
root, Friendly, Chat with VampireAsk to TurnBrood about Being a VampireDiscuss Plasma FlavorsGossip about Ancient VampiresRecall Mortal LifeShow Off PowersVampiric Spar
root, Friendly, ComplainComplain About Flavorless Meat SubstitutesComplain about BillsComplain about ClassesComplain about Cooling CostsComplain about EverythingComplain about Food PoisoningComplain about FruitcakeComplain about Heating CostsComplain about Lack of PowerComplain about Lack of WaterComplain about MosquitoesComplain about ParentsComplain about SpiritsComplain about TV SizeComplain about Technological ApocalypseWhine about CurfewWhine about GroundingWhine about Unfair Life
root, Friendly, ComplimentCompliment ArtCompliment Color ChoicesCompliment CostumeCompliment HomeCompliment OutfitCompliment SimScuffle SkillsCompliment StyleCompliment WeddingCompliment Yoga PantsCompliment on Recent ArticleFlatterHeartfelt Compliment
root, Friendly, Do TogetherAsk To Play In FountainAsk to Play In WaterfallAsk to StargazeKick Soccer Ball with {1.SimFirstName}
root, Friendly, Do Together, MassageAsk for Foot MassageAsk for Hand MassageOffer Foot MassageOffer Hand Massage
root, Friendly, Do Together, SwingsAsk to Be Pushed on SwingAsk to Push on SwingAsk to Swing With
root, Friendly, EmotionsAsk For ReassuranceAsk about Love LifeAsk for AdviceComplain about BoredomComplain about ProblemsDescribe New IdeaGive Pep TalkGive Relationship AdviceGush about PartnerHip BumpPropose Crazy SchemeRant and RaveShare InsecuritiesSuggest Fun ActivitiesTalk about DreamsTell Unbelievable StoryVent
root, Friendly, Fame”Besties” Friendly IntroductionAsk for AutographAsk for HugAsk for SelfieAsk to Take Picture of {1.SimFirstName}Hug FanMake {1.SimFirstName} SwoonSign AutographTake Selfie With Fan
root, Friendly, GeekConArgue About Gif PronunciationDebate 1000 Ant Sized Bears vs. 1 Bear Sized AntRant About TV Show CancellationTalk Lovingly About Cosplayers
root, Friendly, GiveBirthday GiftBro GiftFriendly GiftGive Apartment KeyGive Crafted GiftGive Flower Arrangement GiftGive Residence Keys
root, Friendly, HelpBrighten DayCalm EmotionsCheer Up ParentComment on AppearanceConsole about DeathDiscuss Stressed MoodHelp Fix Bad RelationshipHook Up WithLend Emotional SupportPoint Out FlawsShare Emotional BurdenTragically Try to Cheer UpTry to Calm DownTry to Cheer UpUnintentionally Crush DreamsYou’ll Be Okay
root, Friendly, HugBro HugCuddleExpress LoveHugHug LovinglyHug Out the ColdSnuggle
root, Friendly, Save ConversationFind Common GroundSave Awkward ConversationSave Boring ConversationSave Unpleasant ConversationTry to Chat
root, Friendly, ShareGive Medical AdviceGossipGossip About Office RomancesGossip about BearGossip about Sakura Tea effectsOffer Career AdviceReveal Deep SecretShare Big NewsShare BurdenShare Conspiracy TheoriesShare ExcitementShare Ideas About CraftingShare Melancholy ThoughtsShare Mermaid DiscoveryShare Overheard RumorsShare PhotosShare ResolutionShare SecretShare Vampire KnowledgeShow Off SelfiesShow Pictures of SelvadoradaTeach to Knit
root, Friendly, Talk aboutTalk about ArtTalk about DayTalk about DinosaursTalk about Favorite AnimalTalk about Favorite ColorTalk about PartyTalk about PrincessesTalk about SuperheroesTalk about ToysTalk about Trucks
root, Friendly, Talk about BatuuChat about DatapadsChat about SabaccChat about StarfightersChat about WookieesDiscuss The ForceEnthuse about BatuuEnthuse about LightsabersRave about Droids
root, Friendly, Talk about CelebritiesAsk to Badmouth…Ask to Hype…Ask to Praise…Share ExcitementWhisper About Celebrity
root, Friendly, Talk about InterestsBoast about FamilyBrag about PossessionsBro BumpComplain About Love LifeConvince to Enlist in the First OrderDebate Best CaptainsDiscuss Favorite Art PiecesDiscuss Favorite ArtistDiscuss Favorite AuthorsDiscuss Favorite BandDiscuss Favorite RecipesDiscuss Fine CuisineDiscuss HydrationDiscuss InterestsDiscuss Latest BookDiscuss OutfitDiscuss Sports StatisticsDiscuss World PeaceDismiss Evil WaysEnthuse About GardeningEnthuse about CakesEnthuse about CatsEnthuse about City PlanningEnthuse about ConservationEnthuse about Crushing the ResistanceEnthuse about DogsEnthuse about Eating OrganicEnthuse about Farseer Data CorporationEnthuse about FruitcakeEnthuse about Galactic Credit SkimmersEnthuse about Green EnergyEnthuse about InterestsEnthuse about New AlbumsEnthuse about New ShowEnthuse about OutdoorsEnthuse about Processing PowerEnthuse about SpaceEnthuse about Stopping the First OrderEnthuse about Thrill of the StealEnthuse about Thrill-SeekingEnthuse about VegetarianismEnthuse about {2.String}Evangelize Benefits of Health FoodEvangelize Benefits of Junk FoodEvangelize Grilled CheeseEvangelize Vegetarian BenefitsFire UpFish for ComplimentsInspire to Join the ResistanceObsess about Favorite ShowPoint Out ConstellationsReveal Brilliant InventionShare Brilliant IdeasShare Love of CatsShare Love of DogsTalk About Eco LifestyleTalk about ArtTalk about BestsellersTalk about Favorite AnimalTalk about HomeTalk about Latest PartyTalk about New AppTeach about ResponsibilityTheorize about AliensUnintentionally Insult Interests
root, Friendly, Talk about MealComplain about DishCompliment FoodDiscuss Food FlavorsEnthuse about Meal
root, Friendly, Talk about MovieAsk Question About Movie’s PlotChat About ActorsComplain About ActorComplain About DirectorDeclare Favorite Movie GenreDiscuss SceneEnthuse About Movie
root, Friendly, Talk about SkillDiscuss DJ TechniquesEnthuse about FabricationGive Parenting TipsRave about Favorite Singers
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, ActingMentor Acting
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, ArchaeologyDiscuss Ancient HistoryGive Archaeology Lecture
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, CookingDiscuss Gourmet DishesGive Cooking TipsShare Cooking SecretsTalk about Cooking
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, DancingDiscuss Dance Techniques
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, FishingBoast about Biggest CatchDiscuss Local Fishing SpotsShare Fishing TipsTalk about Best Bait
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, FitnessDiscuss Fitness TechniquesPractice FightingShow Off MusclesSuggest Working Out
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, HandinessBrag about HandinessGive Repair TipsTalk about Handiness
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, HerbalismEnthuse about HerbalismGive Herbalism TipsTalk about Herbalism
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, InstrumentsDiscuss the Best ViolinistEnthuse about Guitar SolosRhapsodize about Piano Sonatas
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, Juice FizzingEnthuse About Juice FizzingGive Juice Fizzing Tips
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, LogicDiscuss Logic PuzzlesProvide Logical SolutionShare Astronomy Knowledge
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, MixologyShare Mixology SecretsTalk about Drink Making
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, PaintingDescribe AestheticsDiscuss Color Theory
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, Rock ClimbingAsk about the Beta of a RouteBrag about High Altitude ViewsChat about Favorite HoldsCoach Rock ClimbingOffer Rock Climbing TipsProvide Rock Climbing TipsShow Off Hand Calluses
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, Skiing & SnowboardingBrag about ShreddingChat about Rad SlopeCoach {1.SimFirstName} in SkiingCoach {1.SimFirstName} in SnowboardingDeliberate Ski StyleDiscuss Past Ski ExperiencesEndure the BurnGive Advice on Avoiding WipeoutsInquire about Powder ConditionsOffer Ski ExpertiseOffer Ski Expertise For FreeProvide Snowboarding TipsRevoke Snow Bro
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, Video GamingDebate Game StrategyDiscuss Latest GamesGossip about Video Game Pros
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, WellnessDiscuss Cognitive Focusing MethodsOffer Mental Relaxation TipsRecommend Self Esteem ExercisesShare Detox SecretsSuggest Visualization Techniques
root, Friendly, Talk about Skill, WritingAsk about Favorite AuthorEnthuse about Iambic Pentameter
root, Friendly, Talk about UniversityBrag about GradesComplain about ClassesComplain about ProfessorComplain about Textbook CostsDiscuss Project IdeasDiscuss Upcoming TestTell Joke About Foxbury Institute
root, Friendly, Talk about VampiresAsk about Vampire HistoryConfess Fear of VampiresDebate Existence of VampiresEnthuse about VampiresPraise Vampire Lifestyle
root, Friendly, Talk about WeatherComplain about Cloudy WeatherComplain about ColdComplain about HeatComplain about HeatwaveComplain about RainComplain about SnowComplain about SunlightComplain about Sunny WeatherComplain about ThunderstormsComplain about WindTalk about Current TemperatureTalk about Current Weather
root, Friendly, Tell StoryShare Personal StoryShare Travel StoriesShare War StoriesTalk about New AdventureTell Crazy Story about Last NightTell Dramatic StoryTell Engaging StoryTell Insider StoryTell Make Believe StoryTell Spooky Scout StoryTell StoryTell Story about Defeating the Mother PlantTell Tales of Galactic AdventureTell Tales of Galactic ConquestTell Tales of SmugglingTell a Omiscan Folk Tale
root, Friendly, Use PowersAnalyze PersonalityEmpathizeSecret Handshake
root, Friendly, Work TasksAsk for Donation to UniversityAsk to Volunteer TimeAsk {1.SimFirstName} to Model LookCollect Qualitative FeedbackConduct Product SurveyGive Inspirational SpeechInterview about LifeInterview about Neighborhood Action PlansInterview about UtilitiesInterview for StoryInterview {1.SimFirstName}Military IntroductionNetwork With {2.SimName}Offer to Make-Over {1.SimFirstName}Offer to Pump UpPitch Story IdeaPractice LectureRecruit Product TesterSaluteSparSpread Conservation AwarenessTry to Recruit into Military
root, Mean, ArgueAssert Correctness
root, ParentingAsk to Cleanup Toys
root, Romance, WooHooTry For Baby in CoffinTry For Baby in LighthouseTry for BabyTry for Baby In ShowerTry for Baby as BatsTry for Baby in BushTry for Baby in CaveTry for Baby in ClosetTry for Baby in DumpsterTry for Baby in Hot TubTry for Baby in Money PileTry for Baby in SaunaTry for Baby in TentTry for Baby in the Hot SpringsWooHooWooHoo as BatsWooHoo in BushWooHoo in ClosetWooHoo in CoffinWooHoo in Hot TubWooHoo in Leaf PileWooHoo in LighthouseWooHoo in Money PileWooHoo in ObservatoryWooHoo in Rocket ShipWooHoo in SaunaWooHoo in ShowerWooHoo in TentWooHoo in WaterfallWooHoo in the caveWoohoo in DwellingWoohoo in Hot Springs
root, ScanScan for MoodScan for Traits
root, SimRayFreeze RayTransform
root, SingingPractice Singing
root, SportsDrink Energy JuiceGet HypedGo JoggingJog to Clear MindPractice JugglingPrepare For The MomentRide Bike AroundStretch It Out

You can use Ctrl+F to find a specific interaction/category.

Now in categoryMoved category with content

root, Friendly, Ask,Ask to See Outfit :AthleticCold WeatherEverydayFormalHot WeatherPartySleepwearSwimwear
root, Friendly, Brag,Brag About Owning :Bee BoxConvince to Buy FabricatorConvince to Buy RecyclerDew CollectorInsect FarmPlantersSolar PanelVertical GardenWind Turbines
root, Friendly, Do Together,Perform Scene For Tips :Perform Action Scene for TipsPerform Drama Scene for TipsPerform Horror Scene for TipsPerform Romance Scene for TipsPerform Sci-Fi Scene for Tips
root, Friendly, Do Together,Perform Scene :Perform Action ScenePerform Drama ScenePerform Horror ScenePerform Romance ScenePerform Sci-Fi ScenePractice Acting
root, Friendly, Do Together, Massage,Offer Massage :Give Deep Tissue MassageGive Fertility MassageGive Sports MassageGive Stone MassageGive Swedish Massage
root, Friendly, Do Together, Massage,Ask for a Massage :Ask for Deep Tissue MassageAsk for Fertility MassageAsk for Sports MassageAsk for Stone MassageAsk for Swedish Massage
root, Friendly, Give,Simoleons :?100?1000?10000?500?5000
root, Friendly, Share,Share Lifestyle Tips :Share Adrenaline Seeker TipsShare Close-Knit TipsShare Coffee Fanatic TipsShare Energetic TipsShare Frequent Traveler TipsShare Health Food Nut TipsShare Hungry for Love TipsShare Indoorsy TipsShare Junk Food Fiend TipsShare Outdoorsy TipsShare People Person TipsShare Sedentary TipsShare Single and Lovin’ It TipsShare Techie TipsShare Technophobe TipsShare Workaholic Tips
root, Friendly, Talk about Weather,Declare Weather Preference :

root, Friendly, Work Tasks,Teach about :Teach about ActingTeach about CharismaTeach about ComedyTeach about CookingTeach about FitnessTeach about GardeningTeach about HandinessTeach about LogicTeach about PaintingTeach about PhotographyTeach about ProgrammingTeach about Research & DebateTeach about RoboticsTeach about Rocket ScienceTeach about VideogamingTeach about Writing
root, Friendly, Tell Story,Tell a Group Story :A Fairy TaleA Ghost StoryAn Adventure Story
root, Sports,Rock Climbing :Chalk HandsDo Pre-Climb StretchingMake Energy BarMake Protein Bar
root, Singing,Sing Song :

root, Actions,Utensil Preference :Prefer ForksPrefer Lacquered Wood ChopsticksPrefer Plain Wood ChopsticksPrefer Plastic ChopsticksPrefer Steel Chopsticks
root, SimRay,Mind Control :CleanEatPanicSitSleep

You can use Ctrl+F to find a specific interaction.

Ask about Career, 2
Ask about Day, 3
Ask about Day, 3
Ask about Home Region, 2
Ask if Single, 2
Ask to Join Household, 2
Become Best Friends, 2
Discuss DJ Techniques, 6
Enthuse about Fabrication, 6
Give Parenting Tips, 6
Go Jogging, 9
Practice Singing, 1
Practice Singing, 1
Rave about Favorite Singers, 6
Revoke Apartment Key, 3
Shout Forbidden Words, 1
Stargaze, 1
Summon Island Elementals, 2
Summon Volcanic Bomb, 2
Talk to Self, 2
Tell Story to Self, 2
Throw Tantrum, 1

Small stuff this mod also does
Warn About the Bed Safety, now only sims who died crushed by the Murphy bed can use it (how it was supposed to be).Talk about Home, Aliens can now do it again (how it was supposed to be).Discuss Local Fishing Spots, only those who unlocked the fishing skill can use it (because it was annoying).
Stuff this mod doesn’t doThis mod does not unlock “gameplay locked” interactions like career interactions. It only hides or unhides them.This mod does not let you move/prioritize categories, only interactions (for now)

When you install new content

When you install a new pack or re-install an old pack or add new custom content to your game, you have to enter the cheat cLineLy.reload_local_interactions. Why ? Because the new interactions will not be available to move/prioritize/hide otherwise. Why ? To save you some loading time. How so ?

When you first launch the game, the mod will go through all your existing interactions, index them and store them locally. That way, when you search for an interaction, it doesn’t have to load every existing interaction (over 25’000) each time. And when you restart the game again, it won’t have to do it a second time. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s just 2 seconds of loading, but I will take every second out of the loading screens I can get.

If you don’t want to use cheats, that’s ok, you can just delete the folder cLineLy_interactionSorter_storage_files before launching the game, it will have the same effect as the cheat above.

Remember to do this step for new custom content.

Upcoming packs

When a new pack comes out, you will notice that the search system doesn’t work quite right for the new interactions. That is expected behavior (for now). I will update it as soon as possible.

How come I can find some interactions, but not all of them ?

That’s because the search system of this mod also searches through every interaction’s “hidden name”. For example, the hidden name for “Ask about Day” is “mixer_social_AskAboutDay_targeted_Friendly_alwaysOn”. Now, let’s say that “Ask about Day” is from an upcoming pack. If you searched for “Ask about Day”, you would still find what you were looking for because “Ask”, “Day” and “About” are all inside its hidden name. But if you searched for “Become Best Friends” you would not find the interaction, because its hidden name is “mixer_social_AskToBeBestFriends_targeted_Friendly_HighScore” and “Become” is not in it. If you only typed “Best Friends” then you would find it.

If you don’t want to wait for me to update, but still want to search for the new interactions by their displayed text, you can do that. You can do the same thing you would do for custom content and it’ll work. Be warned though, a whole new pack can bring between 100 to 800 new interactions so… have that auto-clicker nearby.

I don’t have an English game

For now, this mod can be used as expected on English, French, German and Spanish games. What about the other languages ? They will be added. Because this mod relies so heavily on the game’s and the player’s text inputs to work, it takes some time to make it compatible. If you use one of the mentioned languages, feel free to correct any bad translations (I used Google Translate) and send them to me.

Does that mean that the mod doesn’t work for other languages ? The mod will work. But you will have to search for the interactions/categories using their English names.

If you play the game in an available language, but the mod still forces you to search in English, you can force it in your language with this cheat cLineLy.set_language EN (replace with EN, FR, DE, ES).

Errors and Suggestions

As this mod is somewhat still in its Alpha-ish phase, it is prone to errors and open to suggestions. If you have any of those, feel free to send an e-mail at [email protected].

For errors, please always attach the file cLineLy_interactionSorter_Exception.txt. If the game tells you that the problem comes from a specific file, please send me that one as well.

You can try to auto-repair the mod by entering the cheat cLineLy.reload_local_interactions. In some cases this will help.


Basic use of this mod
→ go back to Basic use of this mod

Confusing interactions
→ go back to Unlock everything


Typical installation. Un-zip (extract) the downloaded file and install both the .package file and the .ts4script file in your mods folder.
Don’t forget to enable script mods in the options menu of the game.
Make sure only one copy/version of the mod is in your mods folder.

If you don’t see the new “Sort Interactions” options appear on the computer, then the script was not properly installed.

Compatibility and requirements

This mod is mostly script. The only thing that isn’t, is the categories (I have not yet found a way to edit simData files through script). So if you have a mod that changes the displayed text of the categories mentioned above (category sortings), the text might revert back to EA’s default.

Credits and Thanks

Lots of thanks to the creators of these modding tools which helped me understand Sims 4 :
TS4 Tuning Description Browser – scumbumbo
XML Extractor for The Sims 4 – scumbumbo
Tuning Inspector – MAL22
Script Reloading – fetusdip & scumbumbo

Additional Credits to VS Code, S4S, Photoshop


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