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The Sims 4 MOD: Lucky and Unlucky Traits

This is another set of traits inspired from the Sims 3, Lucky and Unlucky! (Thanks to emile20 for the suggestion!)

These are lifestyle traits which affect how quickly skills are gained, it doesn’t affect game performance or add any other gameplay modification, and you will need Spa Day for some Icons to show up correctly! (You can still have the trait in your game without it)

The idea I had behind this was that when Sims perform Yoga/Have a good Wellness skill, they are relaxed and have a clear mind, and when they are more relaxed they are more likely to be successful and therefore feel Lucky.

Lucky Trait Description:

Sims with this trait are very lucky! They are more likely to increase skills at a faster rate.

Sims with the Lucky Trait;

Gain a +4 Happy Buff when performing Wellness/Yoga interactions;

There is also a 40% chance they will gain a +5 Happy Buff;


~ Become Focused
~ Buy a Massage Table
~ Buy a Meditation Stool
~ Buy a Yoga Mat
~ Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods with {Sim}
~ Do a Yoga Routine
~ Give a Masage
~ Level Up in Wellness Skill
~ Meditate


~ All Skills are learnt 1.1x Faster.

Unlucky Trait Description:
Sims with this trait aren’t very lucky at all! They gain skills at a slower rate than other Sims.

Sims with the Unlucky Trait;

Gain a +4 Tense Buff when performing Wellness/Yoga Interactions;

There is also a 50% Chance they will gain a +5 Tense Buff;


~ Ask for a Massage
~ Cannonball into Pool
~ Take a Bath

~ Try to Calm Down
~ Vent to Someone
~ Write in Journal
~ Watch the Fireplace Channel


All Skills are learnt 0.65x Slower.


Poses from Emo Pose Pack, Here

Additional Credits:
Made via Zerbu’s Mod Constructor V3


  1. Francelly

    Having issues with this mod. I play from pc, EA. Please help. I love thjs mod. I had to deactivate it

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