Lower Threshold for Negative Parenthood Traits


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The Sims 4 MOD: Lower Threshold for Negative Parenthood Traits

Update needed for 1/11/18 patch

I feel it is far too easy to raise well-adjusted kids with the Parenthood GP. Sure, it is challenging raising a child to have all perfect character values and their respective traits, but it is also incredibly difficult to have a child age up with any negative traits! Your sims have to actively be abusive, terrible parents to have a child age up with a negative trait whereas in real life this isn’t necessarily the case.

For instance, in real life, kids often grow up with bad manners simply because they were never taught good ones. There is no need to spend hours and days reinforcing a child’s piss poor hygiene, instead it’s a matter of never taking the time to teach them what good hygiene is in the first place.

This is where my mod comes in.

What This Mod Does

Without the mod you need -90 in any character value to have a teen age up with a negative trait. The mod is a simple XML tuning mod that lowers the value for earning a negative trait depending on the flavor you choose.

What You Should Know

The amount of points a sim has in a given character value also affects their autonomy a bit. The default values for the different autonomy levels are as follows:

Very Positive: 90 to 100
Positive: 35 to 90
Negative: -35 to -90
Very Negative: -90 to -100

Certain traits also start you off with a certain amount of points in either direction of a character value. I changed the starting values of sims with the Evil and Insane traits to be more difficult because those two traits are truly extreme and should require an immense effort on the part of the parents to balance them out.

Flavor 1

Flavor 2

Note: This mod does not change the UI. As demonstrated in the thumbnail image, the division between the light gray section (doesn’t earn trait) and the dark gray section (earns trait) will change to the new threshold value. This may make it a bit harder to estimate what the current value of a character value is when it is in the negative. For example, if you use Flavor 2, the big chunk of light gray on the negative side will appear to fill up very quickly as it ranges only from 0 to -10. Once it surpasses -10, the character value will appear to move much, much slower as the dark gray section will range from -10 all the way to -100.


As this is an XML tuning mod, it will only conflict with mods that edit the following strings:

Do let me know any feedback and share with me possible flavors you’d like to see out of this mod.

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Scarlet for her tutorials over at SimsVIP. Also thanks to Sims 4 Studio.


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