Longer/shorter Pregnancy for Sims (Pets patch compatible)

Published January 23, 2018

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The Sims 4 MOD: Longer/shorter Pregnancy for Sims (Pets patch compatible)

Game Requirements and Compatibility
This mod was created with the game version (including Pets Patch November 2017)

This mod just overrides the EA basic 3 days pregnancy to the days of your choice

At the moment the flavors are as following, choose only one!
– 1 day (8 hours per trimester)
– 2 days (16 hours per trimester)
– 6 days (2 days per trimester)
– 9 days (3 days per trimester)
– 18 days (6 days per trimester)
– 30 days (10 days per trimester)
– 21 days (7 days / 1 week per trimester)
– 42 days LONG (14 days / 2 weeks per trimester)
– 63 days EXTRALONG (21 days / 3 weeks per trimester)
– 84 days LONGPLUSULTRA (28 days / 4 weeks per trimester)

Further flavors planned
None. If you want one – just ask!

Install Instructions
Choose only ONE flavor and extract the package file into your MODS folder.

This mod overrides XML resource
and will conflict with other mods using the same resource.

Known Conflicts
This mod WILL conflict with the “Pregnancy Mega Mod v.23.1 or HIGHER” as that mod changes pregnancy duration as well!

Additional Credits:
ArtUrlWWW for explaining everything to me!

XML Extractor
Sims 4 Studio


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