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The Sims 4 MOD: Fitness Fanatic

Fitness Fanatic – A Sim who has an interest in maintaining their physical fitness and health.

Ages: Teen to Elder


+8, 6 hour Energized Moodlet:
Workout at treadmill (Normal, medium/high skills, endurance run and Push the limits)
Workout Machine (Normal, medium/high skills, Push the limits)
Boxig/Punching Bag (Energized, Push the limit, Regular)
No sweat run on treadmill (Normal and Push the limits)
Go Jogging
Swim laps (Pool)
Heavy lifting (Push the limits and normal)
Do pushups, situps

+4, Happy moodlet for 4 hours:
Researh Workout tips online

+2, Happy Moodlet for 2 hours
Meditation using stool

+6, 6 hour, Focused Moodlet
Practice Yoga
Yoga Poses (Tree, Triangle, Warriors, Boat, Bridge, Corpse, Greeting, Half Moon, Handstand,
Downard Dog,
Yoga Routines (Brain Boosting, Energy Centering, Mind Concentrating
Join Brain Boosting, Energy Cenetring, Mind Concentrating Yoga Class

+6, 4 hour, Happy Moodlet
Order Vegan food (American, Vietnamse, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Generic)
at Market Stalls

+4, 2 hour, Energized Moodlet:
Muscle Relaxing Soak
Milk, Honey and Oatmeal Soak
Mud Bath

Skill Increases:
2x faster for Fitness, Wellness

Career Increases:
1.25 x faster for Athletic Career

Grill Tofu Dog, Veggie Burgers
Preapre a Caprese Salad, Caesar Salad, Fruit Salad
Become Energized
Buy a Punching Bag, Treadmill, Rock Climbing Wall, Workout Machine
Discuss Fitness Techniques (Gym or Elsewhere)
Do a Dance Workout
Do a Power Sculpting Workout
Make a Proyein Shake
Mentor Someone (Gym or Elsewhere)
Research Workout Tips
Run on Treadmill
Use a Punching Bag, Treadmill, Workout Machine fo one hour
Become Focused
Buy a Massage Table
Buy a Meditation Tool
Buy a Yoga Mat
Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods
Do a Yoga Routine
Drink Lemon Honey Ginger Tea
Give a Massage
Level up in Wellness Skills
Meditate On Meditation Stool
Offer Relaxation tips
Prepare Sugar Free Coconuy Cake and Quinoa Salad
Travel to gym

No other effects on other skills, other careers or autonomy

Credits: Mod Construcor V3


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