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The Sims 4 MOD: Faster/Slower/No Fame Decay

Hi everyone! Here are some new mods for you all. I worked hard on these and did a lot of testing, and success, they work! There are four mods total!

claudiasharon_NoFameDecay->Fame never decays and Sims can stay at their current level or progress up but their level will never go down.
claudiasharon_SlowerFameDecay_50%->Fame decays slower by 50% than default.
claudiasharon_FasterFameDecay_x2->Fame decays 2 times faster than default.
claudiasharon_FasterFameDecay_x4->Fame decays 4 times faster than default.

Get Famous is required! Made with patch 1.47!

Values for each mod package are under the “spoiler” if you’re interested.


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