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The Sims 4 MOD: Enhanced Butt Slider

Adds an up/down dimension to the EA butt slider, allowing adjustment of butt height. Affects male and female, teen through elder, both frames. The effect is more noticeable in females for reasons that should be obvious. Changes in height of the derrière may cause distortion in some full skirts but it should be minimal.

Will conflict with any other mod that replaces resources 8B18FF6E_00000000_000000000000274B and/or 8B18FF6E_00000000_0000000000002619, the male and female butt Hot Spot Controls. I don’t know of any such mods at this time.

Made with my TS4 MorphMaker tool which is still in final development.

Additional Credits:
The EA forums for providing the information needed to make this.

lumialover8 for kicking my, er, butt to get back to TS4 morphs.


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