Custom Christmas Cookies ? Part 3


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The Sims 4 MOD: Custom Christmas Cookies – Part 3

Here is the final part of my Christmas Cookies! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Mod Description

This is a conversion of my Sims 3 Christmas Cookies which I made a while back. This mod adds 3 cookie recipes to the game

Requires Custom Food Interactions_LatestVersion — Updated on 22nd Dec 2017

The 4 custom cookies added are –

  1. Gingerbread Rings
  2. Gingerbread Star Cookies
  3. Christmas Tree Cookies
  4. Ugly Sweater Cookies


A) Available from

1. Large/Party Size meals

—Available from Bake Custom Food menu

—Have Dessert menu under Make Custom Dessert menu

2. Single meals for Toddlers

— Available from Grab Custom Food For Toddler menu from Fridge
— Also available from Give Custom Food To toddler from Toddler High Chair

B) Other Relevant Details

—Compatible with Dine Out. Appears in the restaurant menu under Dessert.

—Compatible with City Living
—Marked as Vegetarian safe
—Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the food on floor, high chairs, sofa)
— Compatible with Parenthood GP (Can be packed into Sack lunch)

— Pets Compatible (pets can eat the food if they have the Glutton Trait)

—Multi serving as two states (full and empty)
—Has Custom Plates
—Has Custom Baking Tray

Ingredients, Price and Skill Leve, Moodlet

— Each Single Dish costs 5 Simoleons + 5 S flat fee
— Each large/Party Dish costs 40 Simoleons + 22 S flat fee
— Each recipe gives a +1 Inspired moodlet on consumption
— Requires optional ingredients ( see table under spoiler)

Has two versions : – Download any one version
1. icemunmun_ChrsitmasCookies_2 – Requires Custom Ingredient
2. icemunmun_ChrsitmasCookies_NoCustomIngredient_2- Does not Require custom ingredients ( uses game ingredients)

— Table of Recipes, Skill, Optional Ingredients for Recipes


1. Requires Custom Food Interactions_LatestVersion

It is recommended that you get the highest version available.

2. Custom harvestables –

1. Harvestable Peppermint
2. Harvestable Raspberry
3. Harvestable Vanilla Bean
4. Harvestable Cocoa Bean
5. Harvestable Ginger

The ‘NoCustomIngredient‘ version does not require any custom harvestables


  • Made with Game Version PC version
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Polygon Counts


-Sims 4 studio


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