Cartoon Show replacement ? Super Timor TV commercial


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The Sims 4 MOD: Cartoon Show replacement – Super Timor TV commercial

This mod replace cartoon show (S4_376840D7_00000000_8F5640B725DAD241%%+_AVI.avi file from ClientFullBuild1.package) with Super Timor TV commercial – from this YT channel –

“Super Timor is a bug-spray product sold and produced by SOFACO.
The music video, filmed and directed in 1986 by Stephen Chatiliez gained lots of popularity, mainly in France and Canada in both the early-to-mid 2000s and late 80’s due to its catchy song and humorous video.
The video features several men clapping in their chairs to try and kill mosquitoes. They frustratingly start slapping parts of their body until a strange man with a mustache enters, singing a song about bug-spray named “Super Timor”. They then start clapping (even though the flies are dead) in a steady beat.”


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