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This mod adds some new electives in the two universities, so it also integrates custom skills from different mods. This mod is fully compatible with Zer0’s University Custom Degrees mod. Only the Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack is required. The other packages or mods are optional. Each course ends with either an exam or a written assignment. No presentations are planned.

List of all supported skills and electives

The following skills are currently supported:

Supported Skill Britechester Course Foxbury Course Pack/Mod required
Juice Fizzing* Drink Manufacturing Brewing and Beverage Technology Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle
Medium* Esoteric and Occultism Extrasensory Perception Sims 4: Paranormal
Retail Sales** Retail Management & Marketing Retail Sales Management Sims 4: Get To Work
Rock Climbing* Basic Rock Climbing Sport Lead Climbing Sims 4: Snowy Escape
Skiing* Skiing Lessons Skiing Lessons Sims 4: Snowy Escape
Snowboarding* Snowboarding Lessons Snowboarding Lessons Sims 4: Snowy Escape
Cosmetics Crafting Natural Beauty and Cosmetics Cosmetic Science Cosmetics Crafting
Dairy Production Dairy Production and Management Dairy Production and Technology Dairy Production
Nectar Making Viticulture and Winemaking Viticulture and Enology Nectar Makig
Pottery Product Design in Ceramics Ceramic Design Functional Pottery Wheel
Job Finding How to Sell Yourself Job Hunting and Interviews Job Finding
Swimming Swimming Lessons Swimming and Aquatics Realistic Swimming
Religion Theology and Religion Contemporary Religious Thought Rambunctious Religions
Romance Social Activities and Relations Love, Sex, and Relationships Road to Romance
Sexpertise Gender and Sexuality Education Sexual Pleasure Education Wicked Whims
Persuasion Social Engineering Persuasive Technology Wicked Whims
Thinking Philosophy and Critical Thinking Philosophy of Science Thinking Skill
Weed Dealing Cannabis Marketing Commercial Cannabis Production Basemental Drugs
Simlish Intensive Basic Simlish Simlish for International Students Language Barriers
Simlish Simlish Language, Literatures and Cultures Business Simlish Language Barriers
Komorebigo Intensive Elementary Komorebigo Intensive Elementary Komorebigo Language Barriers
Selvadoradian Intensive Elementary Selvadoradian Intensive Elementary Selvadoradian Language Barriers
Tartosiano Intensive Elementary Tartosiano Intensive Elementary Tartosiano Language Barriers
Toki Sulani Intensive Elementary Toki Sulani Intensive Elementary Toki Sulani Language Barriers
Windenburgish Intensive Elementary Windenburgish Intensive Elementary Windenburgish Language Barriers
Sixami Introduction to Sixami Introduction to Sixami Language Barriers

* There was no course in the game to support these skills.
** With the elective course, this hidden skill is also made visible.

Important instructions! Please read!

After downloading and unpacking the zip archive, you will find several package files! I made it so that each new university course is in a separate package file. So you can decide for yourself which courses you want to have. If you do not have some mods (from other creators) that the university courses refer to, then you should also delete the corresponding course packages.

During the testing I did not see any serious game crashes, but if you delete the foreign mod (from other creators) to which a university course refers, or the course package from this mod after you have already started a corresponding course (including NPCs, if some NPC have taken one of these courses), this can lead to error messages when the game is loaded. This can only be fixed by leaving the all affected Sims out of university and re-saving the game.

So please only install the course if you always use the corresponding third-party mods!


  • I added the strings in English, German, Russian, and Spanish.
  • I also added automatic google translation in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and Norwegian. Am open to improvements if it’s too weird.
  • Strings in all other languages are copies of English strings.

If you would like to suggest an improvement to the existing translation or add a new translation, please contact me.

Download & Install

  • Extract all files from the zip archive!
  • Copy the *.package File into you Sims 4 Mods Folder!
  • Path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
  • Please make sure to delete the old version of the mod!

I have prepared two versions for each course. In the EA version, each course costs 240 Simoleons by default. But if you use the University Costs More Mod from Zer0 and want my courses to be just as expensive, please don’t use the EA version! So choose only one of the two versions!


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