CandyD’s Retuned Metabolism Mod – Natural Metabolism Part 3/3 ( Update)



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The Sims 4 MOD: CandyD’s Retuned Metabolism Mod – Natural Metabolism Part 3/3 ( Update)

The original version of this mod was created by CandyD, who has been inactive for a while. I really enjoyed this mod, but it broke with the Seasons patch. So I just updated the mod to work with Patch You can find CandyD’s original mod here:

!!! The following text was copied from CandyD’S original mod post !!!

Tired of the crazy weight fluctuations of your sims ? Disappointed by how easy it is after just a few hours at the gym to make your sims lose all their weight and gain a six-pack ? Sims have a very high metabolism for sure. What if they had to work hard to transform their body ? What if their weight and muscle were much more stable and evolved more progressively, naturally ? This is what this mod allows you to offer your sims so that they can keep their natural shape more easily.

How does the game behave by default ?

In the Sims 4, sims don’t need to work hard to gain or lose weight and muscle. Only a few high calorie meals will make them overweight, and only one session at the gym will allow them to come back home skinny and with a six-pack, as if they took steroids. You might not have wanted such a quick and radical body shape transformation in just a few hours, which is probably the case if you’re reading this.

What does this mod change to the game’s behavior ?

This mod has 2 flavors, which modify the speed at which weight and muscle changes happen : “5” divides metabolic changes by 5, and “10” divides metabolic changes by 10. The higher the number, the more stable your sims’ weight and muscle is, other than changes caused by food. Furthermore, the higher the number, the slower your sims’ muscle mass decays with time.
In addition, this mod adds one detail your romantic sims will appreciate : regular woohoo will help them losing weight and building muscle !
But in return, the higher the number, the harder your sims have to work at the gym to see any noticeable changes on their body shape. This mod has been designed to force your sims to work very hard and on a very long period to allow significant body shape transformation, unlike what the game allows without mods. Higher numbers will make body shape changes unnoticeable until after several days. On the contrary, “5” is a version of the mod that still allows some significant, although moderate, body shape change after one session at the gym.
For this reason, I advise to choose the flavor you want depending on your sims’ lifespan and on the level of difficulty you want : “5” is best for normal lifespan, and “10” is best for long and custom lifespans. If you like to play with shorter lifespans, you should avoid using Retuned metabolism and just use the Balanced calories and Underweight teens fix parts of the Natural metabolism mod.
Still don’t know what flavor to download ? Try “5” first and see if you want something more challenging with “10” !

How do I install this mod ?

Unzip it. Place the package in your Mods folder. Start the Sims 4 and enable custom content and mods in Game options – Other. Apply changes, quit and restart the Sims 4, and enjoy !
The “5” and “10” flavors conflict with each other, please install only one.
This mod can work alone. However, if you experience other weight and / or muscle issues with sims of all ages, or wish to control your sims’ metabolism with more precision, I recommend to download and install the two other parts of the Natural Metabolism mod, for best results.
This is particularly true with the “10” flavor of the mod, which makes weight loss especially hard without installing Balanced calories. This is one of the reasons why I advise against using only some parts of the mod rather than all 3.


This XML tuning will conflict with other XML tuning mods using the following resources :

This mod conflicts with my “Woohoo is exercise” mod, for the simple reason that Retuned metabolism already includes its own version of Woohoo is exercise, which induces less weight and muscle changes than the separate release.

Additional Credits:
CandyD for the original mod
TS4 XML Compare


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