CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk Mod – 3 Flavors ( Update)



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The Sims 4 MOD: CandyD’s Drink Drank Drunk Mod – 3 Flavors ( Update)

The original version of this mod was created by CandyD, who has been inactive for a while. I’ve been using this mod regularily but it stopped working for me a few patches ago. Since I’ve been updating CandyD’s Natural Metabolism Mod series, I stumbled upon this one and looked into updating it. It works again and it’s now compatible with the newest patch ( You can find CandyD’s original mod here:

Update 8/20/2018

Removed Cream Cola from the beer module and added the “No Cream Cola” version to the downloads list. Don’t use both beer modules. Only install one of the two packages.

!!! The following text was copied from CandyD’S original mod post !!!

In the Sims 4, sims are as innocent as kids. They drink juice at the bar. With most drinks, nothing happens.
Nothing. Boring.
Unless if you install this mod.

How do sims behave by default ?

Most bar drinks don’t provide any special moodlet. They act like plain H2O molecules on your sims’ neurons (if ever those pixel creatures have neurons).
Move along, there is nothing to see here.

What does this mod change to the sims’ behavior ?

This mod exploits the “over-medicated” moodlet that’s part of the sickness system in the Get to Work expansion pack. All bar drinks other than emotional drinks, motive drinks, water and tea will now give your sims a powerful dazed moodlet. Notice however that this moodlet isn’t cumulative, and won’t change or have different consequences whatever the number of drinks.

In addition to this, the over-medicated moodlet itself has been modded to give your sims a more realistic experience. It’s now more powerful, as its weight has been pushed from 1 to 10, so positive moodlets can’t override the dazed moodlet easily.

3 flavors have been made to let you choose how long you want your sims to be affected by their drink. The 3 hours flavor doesn’t change anything to the original over-medicated moodlet duration, but might be a bit short for realistic gameplay ; in any case, your sim can take a nap and get rid of the dazed moodlet sooner this way. The 6 hours flavor can also be shortened by taking one nap. The 12 hours flavor is more “severe”, as if you wish to shorten the moodlet duration, your sims will need to take two naps.

Be aware that all these changes will also be applied to the over-medicated moodlet that sims experience after taking prescription drugs.

In all cases, whatever the flavor, expect seeing your sims not walking straight, rolling eyes, behaving weirdly, and pretending (even to themselves) that what happened to them was the result of their cough syrup.

How do I install this mod ?

Unzip it. Place the package in your Mods folder. Start the Sims 4 and enable custom content and mods in Game options – Other. Apply changes, quit and restart the Sims 4, and enjoy (with moderation) !


This XML tuning will conflict with other XML tuning mods using the following resources :

– Base mod :

– Beer module :

The 3 flavors of the mod conflict with each other, so you can install only one. The beer module requires the base mod (3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours).

Patch and updates

The current version of this mod was built with version 1.29 and requires Get to Work expansion pack. (I’m sorry about this requirement, but I preferred to use an already existing buff because custom buffs require translation, and I wanted to bypass this to take less time creating the mod and make it easy to access to everyone.) The beer module requires Get Together expansion pack. It might be incompatible with earlier versions of the Sims 4 ; if your game isn’t up-to-date, use at your own risk.

I will do what I can to keep this mod up-to-date ; if the mod is out-of-date for several months or more, I encourage you to contact me. If I don’t reply, you’re allowed to upload an updated version, if you credit me as its author and link to the original mod.

This mod is compatible with the latest patch (1.30).

Additional Credits:

luvbunnyxx2 for the walk style idea – now part of the mod !

Tyler Greene, also known as Tyler the bartender, my guinea pig… uh, nice sim who patiently accepted to swallow countless drinks one after another for science, and who can now be proud of being the very first officially drunk sim in history of simanity ! Thanks Tyler !


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