Balanced And Fair Reward Store Traits!



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The Sims 4 MOD: Balanced And Fair Reward Store Traits!

Available for download at Mod The Sims

I am back yet again with another mod!

This mod is a tiny mod that changes the rewards prices in the satisfaction store to make it feel less cheaty.

Now you may be wondering, Why did I do such mod?

I always felt that the sims 3 is much more superior to the sims 4, One reason why was because of the amount of traits and reward traits, I used to like when you used to have one aspiration per person that will give you a sum of Satisfaction points, and you can spend that on stuff in the store, I loved this store, There were always extremely useful stuff in the reward store that will never make you turn a blind eye on them, Whilst in the sims 4, the Rewards are awfully cheap and because you have an unlimited amount of aspiration changes you can make, AND give you a TON of points, It isn’t balanced with the cheapness of the rewards store, it almost makes you buy a ‘high-end’ trait by doing some simple tasks, that’s too easy and too dumb.

However as much as I like ‘Mood solver ‘traits (Traits that affect emotions and the speed of the needs themselves which break the game’s mechanics in my opinion.), they feel too cheaty for me, feeling hungry?, well buy this thing for 8000/10000 satisfaction points to fix that, Feeling Embarassed? This cheap thing costing 2000 points will fix that forever and then you never have to worry about it, Do you see where I am going with this? With increasing the prices of these traits with this mod the (Moodlet solver reward Traits) can become ‘almost’ impossible to get unless you work hard for it! Which brings me to the next paragraph:

I always felt like stuff should be balanced in this game, So when you do a simple task, you don’t earn much, and when doing harder tasks, you earn a bit more and so on, I feel like in this game, you do simple tasks, and you earn a bit more then you should, and I personally don’t like it, It gives away the ‘personality’ (nearly non-existant) and challenge (also nearly non-existant) from the sims 4, and makes you feel like you aren’t accomplishing stuff that you feel you are in the prior games, I especially got mad when The sims 4 Island Living came out and the Mermaidic Kelp costed only ‘500’ points… A plant that turns your sim into another life state; mermaid, 500 POINTS… which doesn’t make sense, why would it be so cheap, it’s the equivalent of someone selling you 1 Expensive piece of clothing for 1 dollar.

Thankfully, I’ve mostly fixed that with this mod, It just changes (increases) the prices of the reward traits so that they feel less cheaty, there are mods out there that increase the prices of them, but the prices are just set by a multiple, and not actually tooken into consideration by gameplay, which doesn’t fix anything about the ‘Unbalancing’ of the reward traits. And most of them are outdated.

Hope you have a great day, and I hope you enjoy my mods

Overwritten tunings : module/whims.whimstracker

Changed values:

Incredibly Friendly : 2000>10000
Great Storyteller : 500>5000
Stoves and Grills Master ( Outdoor Retreat) : 1500>10000
Seldom Sleepy : 4000 > 20000
Needs no one : 5000 > 25000
Forever Full : 10000>25000
Forever Fresh : 8000>25000
Cold Acclimation (Seasons) : 500>5000
Heat Acclimation (Seasons) : 500>5000
Ice man (Seasons) : 2000>15000
Burning man (Seasons) : 2000>15000
Waterproof (Seasons) : 500>15000
Stormchaser (Seasons) : 1000>10000
Money Tree : 3000>20000
Trait Change Potion : 5000>20000
Quirk-Be-Gone (Get Famous) : 250>15000
Mermadic Kelp (Island Living) : 500>20000
Curse Remover Potions (Realm of Magic) : 500>15000
Beguilling : 2500>15000
Independent : 2000>15000
Mentor : 1000>10000
Steel Bladder : 2000>15000
Speed Cleaner : 500>10000
Shameless : 2000>20000
Never Weary : 10000>25000
Hardly Hungry : 4000>17500
Gym Rat : 500>7500
Great Kisser : 3000>15000
Fertile : 3000>15000
Carefree : 3000>20000
Antiseptic : 3000>15000
Flirty Potion : 200>5000
Happy Potion : 200>5000
Focus Potion : 200>5000
Energized Potion : 200>5000
Inspired Potion : 200>5000
Confident Potion : 200>5000
Instant Hygiene : 100>2500
Instant Fun : 100>2500
Sleep Replacement : 400>5000
Potion of Youth : 1500>15000
Moodlet Solver : 500>10000
Insta Lean : 750>7500
Insta Large : 750>7500
Frugal : 2000>10000
Entrepreneurial : 2000>10000
Night Owl : 1000>5000
Morning Person : 1000>5000
Always Welcome : 500>2500
Connections : 3000>10000
Speed Reader : 1000>5000
Marketable : 1500>7500
Free Services : 1500>15000
Creative Visionary : 2000>10000
Observant : 500>5000
Professional Slacker : 4000>15000
Super Green Thumb : 4000>15000
Savant : 4000>20000


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