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The Sims 4 MOD: Bad Parent Trait

The Sims 2 and 3 gave us a variety of different Families and how they would behave with one another, from playful and adoring parents (Family orientated), to normal alright ones (No family trait) all the way to cruel and dark ones (Hates Children). You could mix and match parents with these traits and get some really interesting and dramatic stories, but the Sims 4? It fails to address the opposite side of the perfect parent.
At present, Parents are either Goody two-shoes or amazing at meeting their childs needs, and always feel good about everything that happens involving a child…including those with the Hates Children Trait! This system is wrong. We lost our diverse family stories!

I would recommend using this Trait alongside the Hates Children Fix I made (allows your Sim to get more buffs/interactions they normally didn’t with their own kids), plus the Opt-Out of being a Caregiver for Parents tweak (allows you to disable Check Toddler), just to make a more complete Bad Parent experience.
You can find the Trait in CAS under “Personality – Lifestyle”.


1. Sims will get a +3 angry moodlet called “Homewrecker” when they are in the same room as their own child, this buff stacks with other “angry” buffs in the Hates Children and HotHeaded Traits, so one minute the Sim will just be very angry, but other times they may be enraged. WARNING! Sim’s might have heart-attacks if they already feel Enraged, before getting this buff, as it can stack.
2. If the Sim is in a Romantic Relationship with the mother/father of their child, and both are in the same room, they will get a very uncomfortable moodlet called “Painful Reminder”.
3. Sometimes the Sim will also get a +1 angry buff called “Deceitful Partner” when the conditions for #2 are met. WHich is obtained should be random.
4. I have enabled a Positive Moodlet scrubber for the following paternal moodlets: Childrens birthdays, Toddler growing up/skill up, birth of baby, being near toddlers and Big News. Any positive moodlets that are usually forced onto a parent with this Trait are removed immediately, any negative moodlets are left alone. See below for more details.
5. On random occasions the Sim will emit a negative energy, which makes all Family members nearby get a +2 Tense buff, called “Family Troubles”.
6. The Negative Moodlet for when the Social Worker takes a baby or child away has been replaced with a positive one for Sims with this Trait, netting them a +5 Happy buff.
7. Sims with this Trait will get Whims to be mean to children, smash the dollshouse, and rant at their partner.


The Scrubber is intended to stop Bad Parents from enjoying the successes of their toddlers and children, whilst giving them positive moodlets whenever something negative happens to those children instead. It is also meant to block negative moodlets associated with these negative events, and to replace them with pleasant moodlets. In a sense, all current positive moodlets from parents are reversed to negative, and all negative become positive.

1. “That Was Cute” and “Proud Parent”, which you get when Toddlers interact with their parents in certain ways, are blocked. (I will soon work on replacing these with more relevant negative moodlets and buffs.)
2. “Expecting a Baby” positive moodlet is blocked. Negative moodlet is left alone. Contains a minor bug. (See BUGS for more)
3. All birthday moodlets involving children have successfully been blocked. They will be replaced with negative moodlets in a future update.
4. This Trait had to be manually added to various buffs “blacklist” to prevent them gaining positive buffs involving their offspring. Whilst I did this, I also added Hates Children Trait to the list as well, so that they will never have a random chance of getting positive moodlets from pregnant sims as normal, and will instead always get the negative moodlets.


1. Whilst “Expecting a Baby” positive moodlet is blocked successfully, the negative moodlet version will not show up in its place. This is because the “response” of the Sim determines what moodlet they get, and even with Hates Children the response a Sim may give is not always the negative version. So if a Sim seems pleased by the Big News, and has no moodlet at all, then this is why (I roleplay this as the Bad Parent pretending to care about their spouses pregnancy, when they really don’t.) If the Sim shows the negative response to the news, they will still get their negative moodlet.
2. “Had a Baby” is still not being blocked successfully by my positive emotions scrubber. I do not know why, I am looking into it.
3. The negative moodlets associated with the Social Worker are still not being removed when they should be. Still investigating this, but for now the positive moodlet I have added is stronger and overrides the default negative ones.


This mod will not work with other mods that alter the Hates Children Trait, or the behaviour/interaction files associated with parent/caregiver interactions with toddlers or pregnant sims. Tested with Parenthood DLC, and appears to function as normal. This Trait does work with my file “Hates Children Fix and Opt-Out of Caregiver Job”.


I added this trait to all positive buffs available to parent sims around toddlers (these are buffs only), giving them a blacklisted flag, so they should not appear. These contain changes to list both the Bad Parent Trait and Hates Children Trait under “blacklisted” traits, which should prevent sims with these traits from gaining the positive buffs. Hates Children is already blacklisted under certain buffs, but under normal circumstances still has a slight chance of gaining a positive moodlet, whilst I added my Trait to these blacklists I also made corrections where I could to the Hates Children Trait.
The Following files are changed:

(Action Tuning files) loot_buff_social_SharedBigNews_Tense (whitelisting Hates Children and Bad Parent, so the buff appears), loot_buff_social_SharedBigNews_Happy (blacklisting Hates Children and Bad Parent, so the buff never appears), loot_caregivers_ToddlerBirthday, loot_caregivers_ToddlerBirthday (both blacklisting Hates Children and Bad Parent, so the buffs never appear)
(Buff Tuning files) buff_Toddlers_CTYAE_ThatWasCute, buff_Toddlers_GrowingSoFast_Happy, buff_Toddlers_CTYAE_GrowingUp, buff_HadBaby, buff_Object_Baby_Mourn, buff_WitnessedRescuedNeglectedChild, buffs_Mentoree_Toddler_Proud, buff_Toddlers_CTYAE_ToddlerBirthday, buff_Toddlers_BirthdayCelebration, Buff_SharedBigNews_Happy. (all are blacklisted for Hates Children and Bad Parent, so the buffs never appear)
(Interaction Tuning files) mixer_social_OfferToFeelBaby_Invite_targeted_Friendly_alwaysOn_Pregnancy, mixer_social_ShareBigNews_targeted_Friendly_alwaysOn_pregnancy (Hates Children and Bad Parent are blacklisted, so they will never give positive responses, and will reject offers to feel a pregnant sims baby even if they are romantic partners)

At present the full functionality of my positive moodlet scrubber does not work, please see BUGS for more information.


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