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The Sims 4 MOD: Aphrodite Trait

The Aphrodite Trait will turn your sims into the virtual gods and goddesses they are! Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and the Arts, myths talk of her exceptional beauty, her many consorts and her enjoyment of arts. Sims with this trait are all about love, romance, painting, music and procreation.


More Buffs
Skill Multipliers
Occasional Events
Proximity Buffs
Broadcaster Buffs.
Autonomy Changes

(no career changes)

Custom Buffs

Romance Festival Buff
Petal Throwing Buff
Romance Guru Buff
Exchanging Numbers Buff
Flirty Painting Buff
Listening to Romantic Music Buff
Viewing Paintings Buff
Jealous Buff
Unflirty Sim Buff
Stargaze Buff
Woohoo Buff
Harvest/All Buff

Ocaasional Events

40% Chance of receiving happy emotion from Beautiful World Buff
30% Chance of receiving sad emotion from World Suffering Buff

Proximity Buff

+1 Flirty from being near another Aphrodite Sim
+1 Tense from being near an Unflirty Sim

Broadcaster Buff

ALL teen/ya/a/elder sims receive a +1 Flirty Buff with a radius of 3 from being near Divinity!

Skill Modifiers

0.25 increase Charisma Skill
0.25 Increase Painting Skill
0.25 Increase Violin Skill
0.25 Decrease in Mischief Skill

0.25 faster decay of social need
0.25 increase in romance gain from social interactions


2 x flirty autonomy actions
1.5 x romantic actions.


Do Something Romantic
Hug Someone
Kiss Someone
Ask Someone to Go Steady
Schedule a date
Practice Pick Up Lines
Go to a Museum
Become Inspired
View a Piece of Art
Sell a Piece of Art
Buy an Instrument
Dance to Stereo Music
Play the Violin
Woohoo with Somebody
Break up with Somebody
Freshen Up in the Mirror
Send a Flirty Text
Throw Petals


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