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The interaction won’t appear if your sim hasn’t had their first kiss yet, or the level of romance is too low

Features Of the Mods:
New highly detailed animation with their own sounds
New pie menu for the new interaction
New icons for each Interaction/animation that will suit their own animation
A new dynamic buff system which increases with the romance bar
These interactions will give you a buff for both the actor and target sim.
There is a chance to get some notifications/comments from your partner
The animations were made to have a more romantic feel to them. to give the player the freedom to use them in any game style they want.

All the icons used are custom-made by me, I did put extra time into them to be more visually pleasing and match their original content

Possible outcomes:

I have implemented in this mod a new buff system that will depend on the relationship between the Sims and some other factors:

First of all The outcomes will be highly randomized for both the actor and the target to keep the game more exciting.

The higher the romance level between your sims the higher chance of getting more intimates outcomes with stronger emotions:


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