Animal Lover Custom Trait.


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The Sims 4 MOD: Animal Lover Custom Trait.

20/01/18: Added Russian language by Liu59 and sorry to all not english speaker, by accident i put Spansh string to all not english, i dont noticed until now but is fixed.

Now is in English, Spanish and Russian.

If something is bad please report it i know i can make mistakes but unlest i notice it i cant do nothing for try to fix it. Thank you.


SImmerSarah make the original Animal Lover Custom Trait but was a bit limited because only added some whimps and the most important was done before Cats and Dogs, so i “improved” it.


These Sims love all kinds of animals, especially cats and dogs. They love collecting new frogs, insects and fish to add to their growing collection of pets. Animal lovers benefit from increased skill gaining from fishing, vetting and pet training skills.


Buy a Cat Wand
Buy a High-Tech Litter Box
Buy a Litter Box
Use your Cat Wand with {2.SimFirstName}
Use your Laser Pointer with {2.SimFirstName}
Play Fetch
Take Dog on a Walk
Catch a Fish
Adopt a Cat
Buy a Cat Condo
Buy a Scratching Post
Buy an Automatic Pet Feeder
Meet a Cat
Play With a Cat
Pet a Cat
Adopt a Dog
Meet a Dog
Pet a Dog
Play with a Dog
Bait Hook while Fishing
Fish for an Hour
Level Up in Fishing Skill
Mount a Fish
Bait Hook while Fishing
Catch {0.Number} Fish
Make a Great Catch
Purchase a Fish
Make an Amazing Catch
Catch a Fish Using Bait
Catch a Fish
Collect a New Insect
Collect a New Frog
Cook Pet Food
Buy a Pet Ball
Buy a Pet Bed
Buy a Pet Toy Box
Buy Squeaky Toy
Clean up a Hair Pile!
Cook Gourmet Pet Food

Proximity Buff: +1 happiness when near from Cats or Dogs.

“A beautiful cat !!!! do not wait is a dog !!!!!!!! It is not……..”

Increceded rate from skill growing:

10% Fishish Skill

30% Pet Training Skill

30% Vetenirary Skill

Increceded rate from friendship ( with sims i dont know how make it for pets )


Social decay 10% Slower

Fun decay 10% Slower

Hygiene 20% Faster ( Because be playing all the time with pets ).


Cat Lover and Dog Lover. In my test this sims only want play with pets, if is too much i can reduce it.


Spanish by me

English by me ( if someone want make one better translation or want add other language feel of do it )

This trait can considered WIP, if some suggest me something good or i feel add something ( i am learning new stuff ) so the trait can change or make other versions.

Additional Credits:

Simmersarah which trait use like base

Sim 4 Studio.

Zerbu´s The Sims 4 Mod Constructor V3.


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