All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief


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The Sims 4 MOD: All Beds Give Same Energy, Comfort and Stress Relief

This tuning mod makes all beds give the same energy gain and stress/comfort relief as the top of the range bed. This allows you to pick your style and colour of bed to match your decor. You are not restricted to a limited range of bed colours just to get the top energy gain when your sims are asleep.

Included In The Mod
There are 4 packages with the mod. You can have just one or all of them together.

  • All Standard Beds both Single and Double (Jungle Adventure Beds included)
  • Coffins (the changes affect vampires only)
  • Toddlers Beds (see the note on sleeping toddlers)
  • Camping Beds and Tents

In each of the above categories, the energy gain rate is levelled up to the rate for the top of the range bed.
Also, the rate of relief for Stressed Buffs, Sloshed Buffs and Discomfort Buffs is made the same as the top of the range bed.

Excluded From The Mod
The ‘wake-up’ buffs have not been altered.
There are a range of different ‘buffs’ you can get when you wake. The type of buff and the likelihood that you will wake with it is dependant on the quality of the bed. None of this is altered by this mod.
Eg, If you sleep in a poor quality bed, you can still wake with a sore back.

This mod is based on the work of Shimrod101 . The original All Beds Same Energy & Comfort mod can be found here . Shimrod101 has not updated the mod since July 2016. Rial updated the mod several times the latest of which is here . I reworked the mod after the ‘Cats & Dogs’ patch and have kept it updated .

Install Options

There are 4 files included in the download. They give you the option to have different types of beds altered by the mod. They are compatible with each other. You can mix and match or have them all.

  • Standard Beds = Everything except Camping, Coffins and Toddlers.
  • Coffins = Coffins for sleeping vampires only.
  • Toddler Beds = Toddler Beds comfort and faster energy gain for sleeping toddlers.
  • Camping = Camping beds and tents.

The mod was created with v1.40. It is not compatible with versions of the game that pre date the ‘Cats & Dogs’ DLC release.
The mod is compatible with all DLC packs but they are not actually required for the mod to function. However, without the DLC you will not get the beds/tents/coffins that come with it.

This is a list of xml files altered by the mod. Any other mod that alters the xml file will conflict with this mod.

Initial Release Version Info
There are no changes in this mod from the version available at: with a release date of Feb 27 2018. If you have installed that version you do not need to update.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio


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